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Christmas Carnival at Cardiff,


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I 0 hit-Chit. » 1 BY RAMBLING TOMMY. The wedding of Mr J. W. Morris, Clerk to the Penarth District Council, will take place on Saturday (to-day). On Friday afternoon he was the recipient of a very hundsome silver tray and breakfast service, and also an afternoon service, from the magistrates of the district, and a silver fruit and flower epergne, the gift of the members of the County Council. 0 0 0 For the best fat beast in Cardiff Fat Stcck Show, and Sale on Tuesday last, Mr J. Rees, Corn-erswelll-- Penarth, was awarded the second prize, 000 Our esteemed townsman, Mr D. II. Edmunds, who. has for many YAars carried on business as House and Estate and General Commission Agent, has now taken another step forward, and has added to his other branches that of auctioneer. Mr Edmunds is tbor-, oughly reliable, and all his business dealings have been marked with honesty and integrity. I have not the slightest doubt he will meet with the pltronag that straightforward dealing deserves. Mr E. B, Riley will act as Secretary and Manager for the Corn. pany. Ii) 0 0 And yet another "Knight of the Cleaver" is about to make a bid for a share of the patronage and support of the residents of Penaith. I regret to state; that owing to the continued ill-health of Mr T. King, Ironmonger, Windsor Road, he hts been advised to give up a portion of the premises occupied by hina for several years, and these have been taken by Mr J. G. Ridd, jButcher and Purveyor, whose advertisement appeal's in another column. lie will open the premises with a supply ol genuine English meat on Friday, the 20th inst. o 0 (9 Mr E. Tennyson Smith will open his week's Missioa on Saturday evening, and on Surday evening will conduct a service commencing at 8.15. Both of these services will be held in Andrews' Hall, as will also those on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. The Wed- nesday and Thursday Meetings will be held in Arcot Street Wesleyas Chapel. 00(\ Let it not be forgotten that the Cogan Board School Concerts will be given in Andrews' Hall next Wed* nesday and Thursday. The programme is an excellent one. There will be plenty of variety, and all good. Patronise the children. 0 0 0 The programme issued by Mr J. F. Pickford, of the Penarth Chronicle Office, for the Sale of Work in connection with the Tabernacle Baptist Chapel on Wednesday, is generally admitted to be the finest specimen of artistic work ever issued from the press in Penarth. Miss Rees Jones extended her congrat- ulations, unsolicited. Rev. W, G. Davies sava "It is a splendid work of art." One gentleman present, said "This is a darned good programme," and many others have eulogised the production. A Cardiff printer says the blocks are effectively used, and the ornaments tastefully arranged. Some printers ape at artistic work, but their ignorance and lack of taste spoil all effect."

'r" Tabernacle Baptist Ghapel.