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Christmas Carnival at Cardiff,


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'r" Tabernacle Baptist Ghapel.


'r" Tabernacle Baptist Ghapel. ANNUAL SALE OF WORK. « Following the series of services in connection with the opening of the new Tabernacle, a Sale of Work took place on Wednesday last. It has been deter- mined to make this an annual event, the proceeds of each to go towards liquidating the debt on the building. It was feared by some whether the Sale so soon after the special efforts in connection with the opening, would be a success, but the faith of the workers has been fully rewarded, for not only did the people attending the chapel turn out well, and make another effort, but the friends from other Christian Churches in the town attended in large numbers to bestow another token of their sympathy. The opening proceedings commenced about three o'clock- The Consecration hymn, Take my life, and let it be Consecrated Lord to Thee," was sung, and Deacon Eastman offered prayer. The Rev W. G. Davies said, we do not want too many addresses this atternon, yat, in a sense we want all present to be speech makers. In welcoming Miss Rees Jones, who was to open the Sale of Work, it was not necessary to say much. Those who had attended the Tabernacle a few years ago would remember that Miss Jones was a regular attendant with them for some time. Then she came and rendered great service for them by laying the memorial stone next she came over when the chapel was opened to see that it bad been properly erected, and that the builders had done their work well; and now she has again come to show us her s mpathy, and we most heartily welcome her at this lime (applause). Then we are glad to welcome so manit friends who are here from other Churches. Nothing has touched me more, during-the time our chapel was in course of erection, than see the interest and sympathy manifested by thele kind friends, The speaker then called upon Miss Jones to address the company. :1, Miss Eees Jones said when I received the pro- gramme, and sa N that I was supposed to give an Z, address, I thought I had a large order in. It is nothing new for ns to meet together and rejoice on happy occasions which seem to follow one another veiy quickly here at the labernacle. It seems only the other day that wo met together to lay th") Memorial stone. The story of the opening services is now ancient history, and to day we meet to continue the work, the reduction of the debt being the great object. Only those who have themselves taken part in work of this sort know the loving anxiety in the hearts of the women who have so earnes-ly devoted their time, money and thought to this object. We all know that there must be a great deal of self-sacrifice before a display like this can be made. We all feel greatly indebted to them for their labour of love and feel that the spirit which animated; the women who assisted in rearing the Tabernacle of old for the Glory of God. is still in their midst, for have not these women, whose hearts weie stirred up "worked willingly with their hands," And may I venture to add, that possibly the sins which were laid at our charge recently, may be in some measure extenuated by the self-sicrifice and earnest devotion of Christian women since the formation of the Church. However, be that as it may, we rejoioe to-day that men and women walk hand in hand together bearing equal praise and blame. I should like to thank everyone for the share they have taken, and to congratulate them upon the result, and to ask visitors to be gener- ous in their support, and I must not forget my own duty, that is, to declare the Sale of Work now open (applause). Mrs Lace (President of the sewing class.) proposed a vote of thanks to Miss Jones, and this, was seconded by Mrs Jones (President of the Dorcas Society), The Officers and Committee of the Sewing Class were Mrs Lace (President), Miss Llewellyn, (Secre- tary), Miss Evans (Treasurer.) Mrs Davies, Mrs Guy, Mrs T. Emlyn Jones, Mrs Gethin Lewis, Mrs Owen, Mra Pickford, Mrs Speed, Mrs Tidball, Mrs Williams Miss Oornwell, Miss J-ones and Miss Powel. The Committee stall was presided over by Mrs Speed, Mrs D. G- Price and Mrs Pickford. Sunday School T StalI-LHls W. G. Dayies, Miss Prosser, MissN. Jones, and Miss Powel. Christian Endeavour Stall—Miss Evans, Miss Minnie Prosser, Miss L. Powel and Miss Buckland. Flower and Fruit Stall.—Mrs T. Emlvn Jones, Mrs Gethin Lewis, Miss Tidball, Miss H. Telford, Miss R. Price. Miss F. Hurley, Miss L. DanieL Miss Arthur, Miss A. Speed, and Miss A. Da vies. Bee Hive.Miss Lloyd, Miss F. Speed, Miss L. Lewis, Miss U.Lewis and Miss Alice Llewellyn. 1 he Refreshment St-,ill.-Mi,s Lace, Mrs Gu-, Mrs Warner, Mrs Evans, Mrs Tidball, Mrs Williams, Mrs launders, Mrs Kempthome, Miss Corhwell, Miss Lottie Pr 'osser, Miss Moses and -Miss' Llewellyn. In charge of the 'Sti,)wbztll were MisrBes-ie Edmunds, Miss Edith Lace and Miss Cissie Guy. The Fine Art Exhibition snd Museum of Curiosities was under the management of Messrs Pickford, Parker and A. Sei)gtDve. TL-e Telegraph and Parcel offices, were superintended by Messrs W. F. Price, G. Davies, E. J a°Sjervr-an-C* ^ast8rs H. Jenkins, E. Pickford, W. Speed, iv;an Jones, B. Guy, E. Price and W. Davies, i Professor Mayo, Phrenclegist, of Cardiff, was also present during the evening. In addition to the above named, many ladies and gentlemen rendered valuable service. The Sale was again opened on Thursday, and during the evening there was a competition for gentle- men only, the 1st prize being a dozen silver spoons and tongs in case, )presented by the Sunlight Soap Co., 9 el the stipulation being that Sunlight soap was to be used. The gentlemen who faced the tub were 13 in number, and the prizes were won by (1) Mr Geo. Gould, (2) Mr W. Cornwell, (3) Mr W. Price and (4) Mr Lurm. The amount realised was about £100.