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Christmas Carnival at Cardiff,


Christmas Carnival at Cardiff, A GREAT WELSH FAIR, INTERVIEW WITH THE ORGANISER, In view of the opening of thp above next Saturday, we reprint from the Western Mail the following ac- count of an interview between a representative of that paper and Mr J, L. Kerpen, of the Esplanade Hotel, Penarth, the organiser of the Fair. "I understand, Mr Kerpen, that your exhibition is to be held in the famous Rosebery Hall," said the pressman. 1 "That is so." said Mr Kerpen. "My experiences in the North of England have led me to believe that such a form of Christmas carnival appeals to most people, especially in such a comopolitan town as Car- diff. Probably one of the most successful of these carnivals is held in the Waverly Market at Edinburgh, which has been in operation for about eight years, and annually attracts about 150,000, Another famous example is at the Agiicultural Hall, London, and it is on these lines I purpose catering for the Cardiff public." What do you consider the most attractive items which we may pieasureably anticipate ? The celebrated wresting- lion from the Empire of India Exhibition, the lion about which so much has been written in connection with Madame Sarah Bern- hardt, who made up her mind to buy it, and would not be gainsaid. Then I aUo propose to offer to my juvenile patrons a gigantic Christmas tree, containing over two thousand toys and picture books, which I intend to give away to the first two thousand young- sters entering the building. Then I bavb engaged Zulima, the great female Sampson, who is absolutely the strongest woman on earth, and who fires a real cannon on her shoulders- Theu there will be per- forming elephants, comic skaters, jumbo policemen, flying- acrobats, tight-rope dancers, &c Australia's greatest cyclists will ride on next to nothing, eccentric heathen Chinese will vie with the -1 Wozider on the wire," while the attractions of Bowman's Marionettes and Etheridge's cats lying down with his mice will, I venture to say, draw large crowds. Then, in various parts of ihe building, will be mystic caves, witches' heads, old Aunt Sallies, Punch and Judy shows, shooting ranges, an exhibition of glass-blowing, flying horses, an old Welsh village, and various peepshows. I have engaged (by the kind permission of Colonel Fisher,) the Glamorganshire Artillery Band, which will be presided over by Mr Paul Draper. "The Taff Vale Railway Company, the Great Western Railway Company, the Rhondda and Swan- sea iiay Railway Company, and the Barry Railway Company, have, in an enterprizing manner lent them- selves to the scheme, with the result that the people outside, residing on these lines, will be able to obtain cheap excursion tickets, including- admission to the fair, and I have no doubt these will be readily snap- ped up by those who have i day to spare." There will be an exact realization of an old Welsh inn, which I think will be interesting from an educa- tional point of view. There will also be a Japanese tea palace, and there will be the ordinary temperance stalls for the visitors generally. I shall also be able to provide a solid meal for those who come from the surrounding districts. fruit stalls for the vegetarians, lollipop, stalls for the children, the temperance stalls for our teetotal friends." I "The Carnival will open on the 21st of December, and, so far as my intentions at present go, will remain open until the end of the first week in January.


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