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Meeting of Pemitli Fanciers.…

Church of England Temperance…


.. 'Mr. E. Tennyson Smith…


'Mr. E. Tennyson Smith is comiDg!" Our readers have become accustomed to this an. nouncement. The question Who is Mr Tennyson Smith ? has previously been auswered by us, and to-morrow night (Saturday) the good people of Pen- arth will have the opportunity of both seeing and hearing this gentleman. Then again on Sunday night and on Monday and Tuesday he will lecture in the large hall, and on Wednesday and Thursday in Arcot Street Wesleyan Chapel. At these meetings collec- tions will be taken towards the expenses. On Friday night (the farewell meeting) the celebrated Trial of the notorious Criminal Alcohol," will take place. For this, tickets are being sold at one shilling each, and it is confidently anticipated the hall will be crammed. Should there be room after ticket ho! 'ers have been admitted, a few seats will be set ap:, ct at sixpence each. We have this morning (Fiiday) received the following telegram :—. Tennyson Smith's mission, Richmond Hall, Forest Gate, London, concluded last night with the trial of the celebrated Criminal Alcohol. A local solicitor defended AlcohllJl and made a capital defence. The hall has been crowded every night, 1 •tit t/ Q 9 and on one occasion hundreds were turned away.. Almost every available ticket for the Trial was bought up before hand. The lecturer leavss Pad- dington at 3-30 this afternoon for Penarth." It is hoped that some local solicitor will be engaged to defend Alcohol next Friday night.

Congregational nhurcii, Penarth.

Biavery Rewarded.