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? FOOTBALL. PONTYPRIDD V. PENARTH. J 4 It would uradoubtedly be a fine specimen of irony to characterise the game between Penarth and Ponty- pridcl, on Saturday last, as a grand game, full of life and incident from the start to the finish, As a matter of fact, it was exactly the opposite to this, The game —such as it was-was played in bitterly cold weather and before a comparatively small crowd. Tha only wonder is that even so many turned out on such a wretchedly cold day. Penarth were not at their full strength by any means. Several of the best players were away including Gibbs, who, although picked, failed to put in an appearance. Pontypridd came down here with a reputation for forward work, for their front rank had beaten the Neath pack, and in doing that, they certainly did a big thing, and achieved a good name. And well they sustained their reputation on Saturday. Every man of them did a full share of pushing and played a fast determined game- With more combination and polish in their work, they would make a really smart set of forwards. Even as it was, it must be confessed that they were too good for Penarth if we look at ZD the play right through. They certainly had the better of the game for the greater portion of the time —Indeed it was well within tbe second half that the homesters' pack woke up and showed that they bad plenty of vitality and lasting power left. Gibbs as stated above, did not turn out, but Pengelly is rapidly becoming a very worthy substitute for that notable absentee. If ever a man put in a fair share of work, Pengelly did on Saturday last.—For following up, pushing in tbe scrum, and being everlastingly where he should be, viz on the ball—indeed in every phase of forward,'work, he stood a head and shoulders above every man on the field. Perhaps it is not exagger- ation to say, that if we scan down the list, of forwards picked for the International, we will find inferior men to Pengelley. Fred Matthews too did a Jot of work in the Ponty- pridd match, but what a scraggy lot the threequaters were They were painfully weak in the aggressive and did very little with the ball, notwithstanding the number of times it passed through their hands. Everyone is glad to hear that Jones is coming back next Saturday, with Herby Morgan and Jones in the centre and Alexander and Eli Kirby on the wing, we may have an improvement on last week's arrangement. As stated before, Penarth have been very unfortunate as regard their third line and it is to be hoped that absenteeism and accidents will now cease and that the quartette picked this week will settle down to really good work and maintain the traditions of the old Penarth three-quarters. Shepherd and Prole again maintained their repu- tation, and Shepherd certainly deserves honour for the brilliant run he made through opposing backs, finish- ing up with a try. Alexander too, deserves credit for his fine kick which brought off a penally goal in the fast half. Clemence was not quite so good as usual, but when we make allowance for the high wine, he played a really,,clever game. The match on the whole, must be characterised as a very rough and tumble specimen. There weie few redeeming bits of play, and these were chiefly exhib- ited by Pengelley and Fred Matthews in the forwards, the fwo Penarth half backs,, and the Penartb custo- dian. To-morrow (Saturday), Penarth visit Llanelly. How they will stand at the close of the match depends, in a great measure, on the team they are able to take up. Certainly they are not going to let the Tin- platers do as they like with them. So far, Llanelly have a splendid record for this season They have scored close upon two hundred points against nine. Penarth hav3 done the best against them, net even omitting Newport, It is to be hoped that they will make an equally good stand on the Llanelly ground.

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