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Meeting of Pemitli Fanciers.…


Meeting of Pemitli Fanciers. A public meeting of the Fanciers of Penarth and District was held in the Jubilee Hall, on Wednesday evening, when there was a good attendance of gen- tlemen interested in the breeding of poultry, cage birds and pigeons. In Mr Evans, in proposing Mr Weaver, of Clive Road, to take the chair, said there was plenty of fanciers in Jpenarth and district, and two or three of them bad been talking together as to the advisability of establishing a fancier'^ society. Mr Weaver, having taken the chair, said if a society were formed be would advise the members not to go in for a public show for nine or twelve months, but to arrange a series of monthly or quar- terly exhii ilions for the members. lie would also advise the electing of working men on the committee -lazy men were not wanted—representing the different fanciers, and also men who would themselves fxhibit- It was resolved that a society be formed, to be called I- TheTenarth and District Fancier's Society." Mr J. S. Evans was unanimously elected Secretary, and Mr Tucker, Treasurer. It was determined to elect a committee of twelve members, and the following were chosen :-lilessr,. Tucker, Miller, E- Marks, May, Mclndo, J. H. Hall, Povev, It. Dale and E. Harvey, the remainder to be elected at the next meeting. Mr Weaver very kindlv offered to give two caps for com petition, A discussion ensued as to the terms of membership. It was uitimately resolved to accept Hon. members at a minimum subscription of 10/6 per year, ordinary members to contribute sixpence per month, payable each monthly meeting night. Mr Weaver kindly promised a subscription of two guineas to the funds of the society, and proposed that Zbere be a quarterly members' show. This was seconded by Mr J. H. Hall and carried. It was decided to ask Lord vVindsor to become President of the Society, also the following gentlemen as Vice-Prestdents: Major Wyndham Quinv Messrs Weaver, R. T Duncan, J W Pyman, A Duncan, J L Kerfen, E W Nell, (Wenvoe), D T Alexander, S Brain. L Carr, R Kreiger, J Alec Ware, F H Jotham, W L Morris- J.P., Kingdom, J. Duncan, Major-Gen, Lee and Rev W. Sweet-Escott. The next meeting will be held on the 8th January. A vote of thanks to Mr Weaver for presiding and for his liberality closed the proceedings.

Church of England Temperance…


.. 'Mr. E. Tennyson Smith…

Congregational nhurcii, Penarth.

Biavery Rewarded.