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4. :The Oldest Established Pork Butcher in Penarth. lw MCttAM BMV, Wholesale snd Retail Pork Butcher, Ham and Bacon Curer, and Pork Sausage Manufacturer, 93, GLEBE STREET, PENARTH, j AND 103, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK TRY OUR NOTED ?Nt*??? .???? '??f?? ?BN??aM? ?MW*??? ?i)? ?tEP??C ???? t??f?jF'??? isc?B?B??? J?.??????JNCJBL. Ja!. Ja? m ? ?y? PER LB. ANY SIZE MADE TO ORDER. j. .j. t mw =Kiln I I SiJAO Ol! j' R!Ÿ uÎrd I I! Y!itWW!APrE!S1' "!4:' ¡- t- '!tor: .¿'"f PATENT BREAD. (ROYAf.rv SECURED). TT vv -11 n, In r Family G-rocer ?nd CoRfestioner Maughan Terrace & 56 Wi-odsor Road PENARTl: BREAKFAST—SUPPER EPPSS It GlU.TErUL-co.r01t1.NG. COCOA OH tMML WATCHES tre the Best V?lue. the Strongest, most Durable, Ml) FinestTimekeepersevermade. TBSTIMONIALS FROM THOUSANDS of Owner* aow using them in aU parts of the world. Y-YMI S WATCHES Made on an Improved System. Not liable to failure, g-iving Extra Strength, greater freedom from accictentMtA Reduced Coat of Manufacture. ? ? ??? rlJ{IJ¡;j LAB YS "LUDGAT E" WATCH t-1Aeape,t and Bef4 8-n; A I.'l'er ever made at tAt ,t. ee. In Silver OMes in 18ct. Gold Caser i gest London made: Three-quarter Plata Chronometer Enlarged Barre!. Paten r, Du.t.:nnl D.nnp Proof Itmi? Band. Spoci:dly i-oecmiirnendt-d for ladit:K' wear, An Ex;wt Tim(het"per Thousands ha.e been MMh Absolutely tliti Host Va,lue iii-i,da. Price jhl0 IJs., in M:tssivc lct. Gold Cry8tal (ilad Ua-ses. In StcrHn? Silver Ctses..?5 53. Periortnuncf) Warr:mted. 6ent ii e .md ,;¡¡¡.(c to til! parts of tha world. w Or, "LUDGATE" WATCH ?m?S?' i,.nd ??" Fngliih Lc ever rliade f,)r;C5 5s. Unequalled for Ac-ura3y, Durability, and Value. In Silver O&ses In 18ct. Gold CMe< <t ..st London cin.de Three qna.rf.er Phite &nglisli Lever, Jewelled throughout, Lhronomet<.r B:(.I:tnce, Enlarged Barrel Prttent Dust and ? :.?p Proof Rin? B?cd. Keep? better tiuM !:hn,n, and is doub)<.t)te Strength -),nd Vatue of any B5 58. W:),i,c[i yet madt< in .T!u'e.' Sizes. Smn. (as iUnstrated) fqr GenUuin.'n and Yuatha. Mediufu for Working MaC Kencr..).nyand In M.'tsst ?.. ?t-i-)??;' H.]v..r d?.?, with Cr'-? G!a.9)t J.5 5s. In 18ct. Gold Li-yatn.1 Cl;t..ss Oasc.-i G?ntJeaien't ?M?? Se-iit iree n.nd sate tc- a.M parts of the worM. 0&1 Win send the above Watches, together with warranty for correct performnnce, to anypa,t< otthe world free and at his risk. on receipt <m F.0.0., I)-Lyable at G P.O.. B&nb Draft, o.- Cash. BLOCKS for the house, of every kind, in great ?-' variety and of th? newest designs, fnm jBl t? CHURCH and TCTRRET CLOCKS- E.timatet ? and advice free. Jast conDleted the Great Clocks for Portsmouth Town H?l!. Ashtoa-undeTt Lyne Pwt'ish Church, aad macy others. PLATE. both for pi-esenMtios and household oaa. In Sterling Silver aiil Ele<ôrro Pi'tte The prettiest patterns and be;3[ Quality, at moderaM prices. TEWELLERY. in 11 GelDs or Plain Gold ot U best London m:cke. Many thousands o novelty at maaulacturers' prices. 'E'NGAGEMENT RINGS, in endiess variety ? '?c. ??,?e anest GeEis. and of best. London makf. Speeiahty' Brilliant Rtn?, at .Ea, ?10, and jg20 Belections free on receipt of reference T?ENSON'S PAMPHLET, the largest and beat ot its ktcd, containing nearly 200 pa?es of Price* and Illustrations of every class of "WATCHEaL O?OCK' CHAnsrs..T?w?TT.??v pY'??-? "I C. t: