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Penaith District Council.


-_--, '.Cork Club Ball.

Popular Sunday Evening Services.


Popular Sunday Evening Services. The second of a seriee of Popular Sanday Evening'' Services waa held in Andre" Hall on Sunday even- ing last. 'the meeting was held after the servicea at the other places of worship in the town, commenc- ing at 8,15. The otchestra was aain occupied by the members of the Penarth Blue Ribbon Choir, who led the singing. The chair was taken by Mr. W. B. Shepherd. Mr Pickford read a portion from the Woxdof God and Mr Pawley engaged in prayer.. Solos were rendered by MiilB Cosslett and Misa Pater- son. and Misa Pike gave a splendid recitation, Little Mik.' Rev. W. G. Davies gave a. whort addr«o, taking for his subject the words If a man' die shall he hve ? We regret to state that at the two services held the collections have not been SUffiCieDt even to pay the charge for the halt. not mentioning other expenses. The expenses are heavy, the bail alone coating jEl per night. For next Sunday an interesting pro- gramme haw been arranged, and the address will be given by the Rev. I. 0. Stalberg. We hope this wi!l not be the last of these aervices, bat it must be if the contributions do not amount to a larger sam.

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. Pena,rt.h Police Court.