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Notes and Comments.


Notes and Comments. VOLUNTARY SUBSCRIPTIONS AND STATB AID. SOME time before the proposal to grant additional Sttte aid to Voluntary Schools became a burning question, there was a bulky Blue-book published, giving the balance sheet of every Voluntary School in England and WaleQ, one important item specially set out being the amount received from voluntary subscriptions and church and chapel collections. This information is increased in value by the amount of voluntary aid being calculated at per head of the children attending eaoh school. In view of the action which the Governmer t is expectcd to take with regard to the Voluntary Schools, the proportions of State and voluntary aid are just now matters of great interest, and as no later return is likely to be I issued on this poid, we give the figures applying to hlS School District from the return issued in 1894. The book from which we quote, containing over 800 closely-printed folio pages, occupied a considerable time in compilation, consequently the statistics it gives are only brought doam to the year ended August 31st, 1893, but as the figures do not vary I much from year to year, one twelve-month is as good as another for purposes of comparison. Even in 20 yeara the variation has not been great, as shown by be following ratio of school income per head from 1873 to 1893:- School Income per head. Yean. Voluntary Sub, Bates, Grants s. d. £ g. d. s. d. 1873.7 71. 1 0 91 12 21 4 2 1883. 6 8f 0 16 1 16 l| 1893 6 8 £ 0 19 9f ,1S 5§ The voluntary contributions in the County of Glam- organ during the year in question was at the rate of r, 6s. Old. per head, 4 The following figures refer to Voluntary Schools only, and show (1) the total of the year's income of each school, (2) the portion of that income which waS derived from voluntary subscriptions or collections. (8) the amount per head of the scholars that that volui- tary aid represents, and (4) the year's total expendi- ture. By comparing the last column with the firat. it will 1=6 seen how the voluntary principle wai successful in keeping several schools solvent Voluntary Contribution*, Total Name of Total which are included in expett School. Income. £ the Total Income. diture Voluntary Contribution*, Total Name of Total which are included in expett School. Income. £ the Total Income. diture Total Amount j Per Head National 496 £ 80 lis- 0d. 7s. 8d. £ 124 Roman. Catholic. 200 £ 33 18s. 6d. J 5s. 4 £ d- £ 197 Roman. Catholic. t 200 X33 18s. 6d. J 58. 4td. £197 AT the first meeting of the School ^BoardJ held on Thursday evening, the Rector was elected Chairman and Mr. Lloyd Vice-Chairman. Wereserve our comments until next week.

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