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Ancient Benefit Erimdly Society. In for another wet night, I fancy. Shall I take my mush ? Well, perhaps I had better not, for I miyht lose it, and I should be sorry to do that." These were just a few thoughts which crossed my mind as I donned my hat and overcoat towards proceeding to the Station Hotel, Cogan, to which I had been invited by the members of the Loyal Cogan" Lodge of the Ancient Benefit Friendly Society. Buttoning my coat up round my throat, I proceeded on my way. As I neared the corner of Pill Street, I saw a group of men standing evidently engaged in discussing some interesting subject, but the topic did not leak out in my hearing. At the door of the hotel I saw Mt. Price (secretary), and Mr Joseph. These gentlemen gave me a welcome, and at. once led the way to the club room. This is a spacious room, and for the occasion was well decorated with evergreens and flags, whilst on the tables were some vases of choice chrysanthemums of vatious colours. Havir.g other business to attend to, Mr Price and his colleague, soon left me alone, and I was able to peruse in quiet the news of the day as recorded in the\Soidh Wales Echo. Whilst thus alone I made a few mental notes and calculations, but my reverie was at length disturbed, and the hungry and thirsty souls began to pour in. Before all had taken their seats, Host Church, and his little army of waiters and waitresses, were bearing in thair joint?, &c., under which the tables were eoon to creak. Now then, Mr Price, are you going to carve at that table. Now then, let us have another volunteer: I can manage the two leafs if some one else will manage the other joints. Who says boiled mutton or roast mutton ? Gentlemen, we have an hours extention, so you have no reason to choke yourselves. Don't stop for grace, nobody intends to say that to-night, I think." Thus it was that Host Church addressed the assembly, and at the same time he was busily engaged cutting slices out of the two legs he had engaged to carve. Our host had doffed his coilt, and I noticed that the two gentlemen who had consented to manipulate the other joints, soon followed his example, and it was not long befoteall were earnestly engaged discussing the beef and mufclon with steam- ing hot potatoes, cabbage, carrots and mashed turnip. Now then, gentlemen, the next order, please don't be afraid of it, there's plenty here. The next order please and plates were now being rapidly re-filled. p p No dinner for me to-morrow," ejaculated one I should like to viiit your kitchen to-morrow, Mr Church." broke in another. Now then, gentlemen, who gives the next order ? never mind kitchens," cried our Host. Business now began to slacken down. But there must be no delay. Out with the dishes. and in with the pudding." and in a trice hot plum puddings were being borne in, and then vessel after vessel of sauce. This save) is very hot with spirit," says one. "Yes, and so it should be," was the reply. I noticed there were two or three present who chose the pudding without the spirit" sauce. There was yet to come an abundant supply of apple tarts, cheese, celery, go., all of which found ready patrons. Dinner being over, most of the company dispersed for a time while the tables were cleared, but a few remained and talked over the question which has agitated the minds and vexed the spirits of so many pl, would be allotment holders. The District Council was not particularly enlo^ed. and hopes were still entertained that the County Council would deal with the matter and secure possession of the much eov«ted field. After a time the company re-ass^mbled, and under the presidency of Mr Knapp, the chairman of thti "Loyal Conn" Lodge, the oratorical and musical portion ot the proceedings was commenced. A letter of apolog-y fur non-attendance was read from Dr Moynan, the society's medical officer, and applications for membership in the society were received to the number of 35, most of the applicants having aheady passed the doctor's examination. A glance at the programme informed me that the first toast of the evening wa,; of a royal nature, but th!s was omitted. and the Chairman dashed right away at what he said was just a little wee one. viz., Health, wealth and prosperity to our lodge." Songs were rendered by Messrs Tront, F. Windsor, Sims and Hill. Mr E. Price, Lodge Secretary, responded to the toast. He said he hud anticipated that the General Sec. would have been .present to have given infor- mation respecting the society and it8 work in different parts- He was sa!i.-il d that theA.B.F.S. had done a great deal c.f good in S. uth Wales. It had its birth in Cardiff, hut it grew so large, that it was considered ad visa Die to start, branches, the Loyal Cogan was the fourth of the branches, and it had now several lodges working in Bristol, Kadstock and ofcher places. ^Vhen the last foiviauce sheet was made out (December, 1894,) there were 43 members, IIp. having- been initiated during the year The-income: of the lodge for 1894 was f:,69 12s Id, and the expenditure f39 148 Bid. The balance add-ed to what was previously in hand, amounted to X61 78 3d. During the first half of 1895, the sickness amongst members caused a heavy drain on the funds, the amount paid out being considerably in excess of the income, but on the year's workings, up to the end of November, there was a balance in favour of the society of .£10 6s 5 £ d, the present amount in the 2 hands of the Treasurer, being S74 13s 71d. With the influx of new members just received be hoped the funds would greatly increase. Other songs followed, and Mr Arthur Lewis, who presided at the piana during the evening, also gave clarionet solo. „ The toast of the Press was proposed by Mr K. Price, and the representative of thePenarth Chronicle responded. The meeting was brought to a close by a vote of thanks to the host and hostess for the excellent manner in which the dinner had been served.