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Penarth School Board. . --


Penarth School Board. On Thursday evening the first meeting of the newly elected Scbool Board was held in the District Council chamber. The whole of the members were present- Rev. W. Sweet-Escott, Messrs. J. Llewellyn, Thomas, T. Emlyn-Jones, T. S. Lloyd, H. O. Riches, and Dr. Aitken.. The Clerk (Mr. Hughes) announced that it was the first duty of the Board to elect a Chairmnu. Mr Llo yd proposed that the Rector be Chairman for the next three years. This was seconued by .Dr Aitken. Mr Thomas proposed as an amendment the election of Mr Jenkin Llewellyn, and in support referred to his long connection with the Board-18 years, the interest he had taken in the schools, and his long period of office as Vice-Chairman- Mr Jones was the seeondei • The amendment was put when there voted m favour. Messrs Thomas, Llewellyn and Jones. Against —the Sector, Messrs Lloyd, Riches and Aitken. Mr Llewellyn then proposed as a second amen ment the name of Mr Thomas. The voting was the same as in the former case. The proposition that the Rector be elected Chairman was next voted upon, when the Rector, Messrs Lloyd, Riches and the Doctor supported it, and Messrs Jones, Thomas and Lleweliyn opposed it. The Rector, in taking the chair remarked that a great deal had been said outside to the effect that if their party were returned in the majority they may upset the work of the old Board- Such was not their intention. They were not the House of Ccm- mons, and could not legislate upon the question of the equality of Board and Voluntary schools, but he had not the slightest intention of raising any such question in their meatings- They would endeavour to carry out the policy of the old Board. The Rector then proposed Mr Lloyd as Vice. Ch'iirman and Mr Riches seconded. Mr Llewellyn proposed as an amendment Mr Sam Thomas. Mr Jones seconded. The voting was the same as in the election of Chairman, and Mr Lloyd was, finally) declared duly elected. It was resolved that the General Purposes, Attend- ance and Finance Committees consist of the whole of the members. The Rector again and again appealed to Mr Llow- eliyn to accept the chairmanship of the two former of these committees, but he declined the position, and ultimately Dr Aitken was elected. Mr Sam Thomas, who had left the meeting, was elected Chairman of tl o.Finance Committee. A petition, signed by the whole of the teachers was presented to the Board, asking that their salaries for this month should be paid before the holidays in- stead of upon their return. After a brief discussion it was resolved to grant the request, and the Clerk was instructed to get the cheques prepared by the 19th inst. Mr Llewellyn called attention, to the fact that Mr Walker, the caretaker, waa ill, and that after con- sulting with the Rector. a man had been engaged to render assistance at 3/6 per day, and a woman at 11. per day. The action of Mr Llewellyn and the Rector was approved, and it was ordered to be continued for the present. Mr Llewellyn proposed further that Mr Walker be given a month's leave of absence. This was granted. ° Agnin Mr Llewellyn, appealed and this time to the pockets of the members. It was useless, he said, to give man a holiday, unless they put something in his the pocket. This could not be done out of the rates. He would give half-sovereign, and he hoped all the cihe's would give. Mr Lloyd did not sefe why the new Board should J be thus called upon, not that he objected to help, but it ought to be done by the ratepayers if done at all. The Rector expressed himself in favour of helping, and it was then left for the members to give as they thought fit. Z!) Accoums were next presented amounting to £261 4s 3d. It was stated that there was in the bank only £ 113 148 7d, but Mr Llewellyn intimated that in the morning £ 400 would be paid iutothe bank to the credit of the Board. v The re^-t. -of the Committee,respecting the new- school to bs erected in Cornersweli R0:xd, to accom- modate (*0Q children, was presented and it was resolvou to proceed'with the work at oace-

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