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Peimth Business Directory. BUTCHERS. T. R. Wadley. Glebe-street, Penarth. D. Cornwel!, Glebe Street. Hcvord, 51, Glebe Street. R. Guy (Pork), 93, Glebe Street. BUS AND CAD PROPRIETORS. S. Andrews & Son, Penarth Mews. CHEMISTS. J' Blake Benjamin, Glebe-street. CORN MERCHANTS J;. j Sanger Tucker, 31, and 32, Glebe Street COAL MERCHANTS. ,_Weuarth Coal Co., 28, Windsor-road. CONFECTIONERS W. G, Warner, 76, Glebe Street. Bishop. 4, Giehe Street. Wa ker Maughan Terrrace, and 56 Wmdaot Road i n -? R. WiHiams, Queen Restaurant, by the Kanway 1 Station. .{'lm. Saunders, 53 Piassey Street. DRUG STORES. G W. Raynea, 1, Penartb Dock. DRAPERS. C. W- Taybr, Cavendtsh House, 3, Gtebe Street. EDUCAT!ONAL. G 8 ULnt, CoMegiate School, Albert Crescent. FRUIT AND VEGETABLE DEALERS. ¡ E. J. Sanger Tucker 31, aad 32, Giabe Street A. H. Salter, MaugYta- Street. H. Matthews, Anchor House, Glebi Street. Wm.BuU, 24, Glebe Street GROCEK8. n. Huntley, Gloucester House, Maughan Street. Music TVACIIERS. 't, Frof. G C. Howell, Mjxar House, Windsor Road. PAINTERS AND DECORATORS. Love and John, 5, Arcot-street. PAWNBROKERS. Hyman II&rr;s, 85, Glebe Street. S FCOND-HAND CLOTHBS DEALEN8. Mr& Buckland, 57 and 58 Salop Street.. 3irs Meslut-i-ay, 12 Aruot Street, j STATIONERS AK E NEWSAGENT Mrs P&sley, Glebe-street. Mrs Faulkner, Glebe-stree\ Miss Court, Windsor-road.. Misses Hat S, Glebe Street II f,eaver, Post o t.ïce Cogan. UNDERTAKERS g Andrews & Son, J'e.1àrth Mews Jacob 1. Hooper. a.lop Street. ( I 4& STIMULATING, SUSTAINING CUP —MADE INSTANTLY. T J? ?mall apoonful of Cadbury's Cocoa, with boH. :1 ing water or milk will ¡ m a,ke a large breakfast cup ¡ of the most delicious, di- < gestible, absolutely pure f and nourisiting cocoa, of 1\ the greatest strength and imest iia-vour, entirely free from any adtnixture. Pure, wl)o]esome, anA cheap, and hM no superior in the w.a.rket.flgien < IMPORTANT NOTICE! For every Descriptio of Household Furniture, Musical Instruments, Hardware, Cutlery. Carpets, &c., go to BEVAN & CO.. ¡, LIMITED Registered as The "Cardiff Furnishers," Furniture. Carpet and Musical Warehousemen who..e continuall and rapidly expand- ing business enables them to buy larger and sell cheaper than ever! T DtNING DRAWING AN D BEDROOM SUITES £3 I'7s £52 10s Ga-rpets. Floorcjjuns, Linoleums, HeMthrugs, &c., In Vast Variety and at Marvellous Pnces' Befor. pHreh?u? d?here call and see the MATCHLESS" OVERSTRUNG HANO?RTE.a most m-agni&eeut instrument. Forty &umeas! (usu?I Mosie Ware. bouse Price 55 to 60 Guineas. "v 'I" v DeHvery Free throughout Wales and Border Counti s. Vol 'I- VM. Large Illustrated Catalogues just out, Gratis aud Post. Free. ti£'-¡¡ CO. THE LARGRS-t BEST. AND CHEAPEST FURNISHERS IN THIS PART Of THE KINGDOM IIIIV'L=- .h -.Ll 1 ".I1"1III f'I' v- T LOR, fi ailor and (9 u fltier. ?'? ? ? ?? ? ?"? '9 ? 'Wtf ? ? ? 8 ?-?t-?.?? ?t?ir* Cav?r;nish House, ?iebe ?t. *'?_? %<& V T.. ? '—- '?- ?-? ? h. ilL" 17"W -A}-'V;1!'J! r" G9nts' Youths', and Boys' Rosiery, &loves, Ties/Hats and Caps, Umb7'aHa,s. Macintoshes, Portmanteaus. ke,. &n.