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WARNER'S HYGIENIC BAKERY DELICIOUS H O M JE JMLA13 JE2 BREAD CA KES SL PHSTRY nr. G. Warner Cook & Confectioner 93. Glebe Street, Penarth: Vans toall partsof the Town daily. ipyriin^ n" 9455a SSm^r s a aOlEHTEU FARIHE BRERD » I "I I I > I I T .if i OW' "TT T~T »p»»TTT-,<g* "1 THE BREAD OF THE FUTURE! delicious, Nutritious, and 3f€igMy digestive. Sir CHAS. A. CAMERON, M.D. (Cambridge F.R.C.S.I., M.RC.P.I., F.I.C., Professor of Chemistry, R.C.S.I., Medical Officer of Health for Dublin; City and County Analyst. SA. YS- CITY LABORATO RY DUBLI I have a high estimate of the DIETETIC VALUE of fats, especially of those found in the seeds of plants, and I consider that the large percentage of the DELICATELY FLAVOURED fats of wheat present in Messrs NEAVE and C:S FARINE adds greatly to the value of their Bread. It is RICH also in the ALBUMINOIDS of NITROGENOUS constituents of food which are INDISPENSABLE to the formationof BONEandMUSCLE. "Messrs NEAVE &CO'S Wheaten Meal and FARINE areWELL FLAVOURED, EASILY DIGESTIBLEar ( NUTRITIOUS aliments." SOLE AGENTS FOR PENARTH— F. Haytex* <<aSc Sons,