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Penarth District Council. J 'I f PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE; '-i.t" v At the meeting U', M9Ild.y evening, there were- present Messrs W. L. Morris, Ti. L- Purneli, J. Y. Strawson, D. Morgan, R- Guy,vR. Bevan, J. Patey, J. W. Morris (el E. I- Evans (surveyor) and T. -'Mea zey (clerk). In the absence of Mr H. Snell, through illness, Mr M'rhs was votedtQ};u; ch!lÜ" The minutes of previous meeting having been read, Dr Nell presented his report for the month of October. This showed that there bad been, during that period, 35 births, 11 males and 24 females, giving a rate of 31'1 per 1,000 of the population. Within the same period the deaths numbered 21, equal to a rate of 18 6 per LOOO. Of these one was under 12 months old, four between 1 and 5, five between 5:and 25, three between 25 and 60, and eight 60 and upwards. Eighteen had taken place in Penarth. and thuee in .Cogan, Llandoujrh being free. Under the Infectious Diseases Notification Act; four certificates had been received-one Membraneous croup, one Scarlet fever, one Typhoid fever, and one erysipalas. The case of scarlet fever was at St, Augustine's Place, and that of Typhoid fever at 57, Ludlow Street. The houses had been carefully examined, but there vas nothing there which could lead to such cases. There was no prevalent diseases, although one or two cases of scarlet fever had since been reported. In that months nine samples of milk had been sent to the analyst, but all had been retnrhad as being of good quality. C, Mr Morgan You did not expect anything else. Dr Nell: I should Dot like .to pin my faith to any of them. No intimation was made to the milk ven- dors that samples were'going to be taken for aiialysid, so that the result is satisfactory. Mr Morgan Were these any complaints about the quality of the milk., .If not, I think it is useless expense. Di Nell There were no complaints, if therehadl been the venders would have been on their guard.


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