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rOc, .British Women's Temperance…


rOc British Women's Temperance Association 0 KH'; £ JV:; > PRESENTATION TO THE PRESIDENT. f THE BRITISH WQMEN'S "WHITE RiBBON 'D.A. yo" Seldom has the Jubilee Hall preeted a brighter appearance than on Wednesday last, when the mem- bers of the Penarth Branch of the B.W.T.A. met for their usual monthly meeting; about sixty members ..assembled in the Hall, which was very tastefully decorated with choice plants (kindly lent by Mr. Jones), flowers, arid evergreens, festooned with white ribbon, the badge of the Society. After the general routine of business, Mrs* T. Powel read a paper, subject: "The New Womnn," which proved to be of such excellency and high literary merit, that it would be well to scatter it far And wide among the vax'ious branches of this influ- ential AssociatiQn. This meebing having being closed, an excellent tea • was partaken of, served by some of the members whose courtesy and kindness formed a pleasing con- trast to the chilly atmostphere of the November evening. After tea, Mrs. PoWel presided over a short meeting which followed, and in a few suitable remarks paid a very high tribute to their indefatigable president, Miss Tregel!ev ?Jl- Mrs. Pike next addressed a few words, saying, there were many days "people liked to commemorate; there were birthdays, red letter days, and one mem- ber had said wedding days, and from that night, she thought there ought to be inserted on the B.WT.A. Calendar, A White Ribbon Day." she also said. among other thingt, that1 British women knew no defeat, for the Lord of hosts was with them; and the God of Jacob was their refuge," and while it was too true that the signal of distress floated from every street and town in o'ur country, it w:as also perfectly true that thousands: of. women day by day knelt at the feet of Christ, fox naeekness and strength for service, and remembered, the mothers, wives, sisters, and children, the victims of the drink curse. They say for the sake of these, "I sanstify myself," and they go forward. Mrs. Sims was next called upon, and now the real object of the meeting wa? ma.de known. She said; my dear Miss Tregelles, our beloved President, to me 'has been deputed by the members of the B. W.T.A. .a most pleasing privilege, although I know I am unworthy of the honour, it is to ask your acceptance -of this time piece (which by two of the ladies was -now placed upon the table) from the members as a amall token of their love and esteem towards you I am sure I voice the feelings of the whole of the members when I say we do really love our President. I beg permission to read the inscription For God and is, e n c -home and every land., B.W.T.A., A token of loving esteem from the Members to their President, Miss' "tregelles. Penarth, November 27th, 1895." May God's blessing be with our President now and for v .er, the hymn "Blest be the tie that binds," was suug, and Miss Tregelles briefly, but very feelingly thanked the members for their kindness. After a short, bright address by Mrs Dunn, the .meeting was brought to a close by the sing'ng of 5" Crod be with you till we meet again," and the happy gathering separated to remember with joy for years yet to come, an event which conferred so much pleasure on all present. The t" me, piece is of black marble and of chaste and beautiful design. During the evening a congratulatory telegram was c Z5 received from Mrs. J. M. Saunders, to Miss Tryelles, and a letter of regret at being unable to be present at the meeting, thro ugh another pressing engagement,was received from Airs. T. Morel, who also expressed her great appreciation of Miss Trgelles, and hoped she • would long continue to occupy her present position President of the Association, ——r——' j. l.

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