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The Second of a Series of POFtJLAR SUNDAY EVENING 3bt i C 4e Will be held in ANDREWS' LARGE HALL, Next Sunday Evening, December 1st Commencing at 8.15. ADDRESS BY REV. W. G. DAVIES. Music by the PENARTH BLUE RIBBON CHOIR, SOLOS AND RECITATIONS. Admission Free. Collection to defray expenses. HOMEOPATHIC INSTITUTE 106, PLASSEY STREET, PENARTH. Medical Attendance 10 to 11 and 5 to 7 daily. HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES OF GUARAN- TEED STRENGTH AND PURITY FOR S.A.ltj AT ANY TIME, ACONITE-The specific for Influenza. NUX VOMICA—The rededy for Indigestion. 0 RHUS TOX-The) cnre for Rheumatism- IN BOTTLES, 9d. EACH, S. ANDREWS AND SON'S Sunday Omnibus Service. Leave Penarth. Leave Cardiff, 9.30 a.m. 9.30 a.m. 10.15 10.15 11.0 11.0 11.45 11.45 12.30 p.m. 12.30 p.m. 1.15 1.15 After 2 p.m., every 15 minutes from each end until 9 p.m., until further notice. November 1st, 1895. MASONIC HALL, WINDSOR ROAD, PENARTH. MRS. WELLS Begs to announce that she holds a Class at above Hall, on WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, from 8 to 10. FEES, 10/6. Half Term commences November 13th. Class for Juveniles on same evening from 6 to 7.30 at exceptionally low terms. Ladies or Gentlemen wishing to join, please apple to 50, WINDSOR ROAD. You can be Cured By a prooer and timely use of the great Norwegian remedy, SEA WEED LUNG LIFE, which possesses marvellous Soothing, Tonic, and Balsamic Properties for all Throat, Chest, and Lung Complaints, it is the great cure for Sore Throats, Coughs, Colds, Bron- chitis, Asthma, Hoarseness and Consumption. Mr Andrew Wilson, of Middlesborough, has written of it as follows:—" Sir,—Permit me to infoim you of the great benefit derived by me from the use of "Sea Weed Lung Life." I suffered from a severe cold on the chest, but after using one bottle I was quite relieved." Immediate Relief. Prompt Cure. The European Medical Society recommends it as the most reliable for all Bronchial and Chest Diseazes. Thousands are cured all over Europe, One bottle will relieve the most obstinate case. Let. every sufferer give it a trial. Sold at 2s 2d, and Is lid.; Post Free, 3s, and Is 3d. Wholesale Agents for Great Britain -Sanv,-er and Sons, 489, Oxford Street London P. S.-Send 3s or-Is 3d in Stamps to Sanger sud. Sons. 489, Oxford-street, London, for a bottle, which will be sent by return of post to any part of the County. Or to Jacob Haghes, Manufacturing Chemist, Penarth Chief Depot. GHIHET lilEAIOTG REVOLUTIONIZED! KITCHEN RANGES, REGISTER GRATES, STOVE PIPES IN HOUSE SHOP OR OFFICE, Effectually Cleaned in TEN MINUTES WITHOUT SOOT, DUST OR BOTHER. 9d. each. Apply FRANK WESTERN, 38, Salop Street, Penartb. Penarth Science and Art and Technical Classes. AMBULANCE SECTION. It is intended to hold AMBULANCE CLASSES for FIRST AID AND NURSING as soon as a sufficient number of members are enrolled. Will Ladies and Gentlemen who are desirious of joinging, kindly send in their names to the Lecturer, DR. BIRD, Stanwell Road, or to the Secretary, MR. G. A. BIRKENHEAD, Downs View. November 12th, 1985. Penarth. CARDIFF AND PENARTH FERRY BOATS. I I IONA' AND I KATE' Will (weather and circumstances permitting) ply between Caidiff and Penarth Dock as under—(unless unavoidably delayed.) Cardiff and Penarth Dock. Morning Afternoon Saturday 30 2 5 30 Monday 2 8 9 SO 3 30 5 30 Tuesday 3 8 10 80 4 80 5 30 Wednesday 4 8 11 5 5 30 Thursday 5 8 11 50 Friday 6 8 .12 30 Saturday 7' 3 1 Penarth Dock and Cardiff. Morning Afternoon Saturday 00 2 15. 5 45 Monday 2 8 15. 9 45 3 45. 0 4" Tuesday 3 8 15 10 45 4 45. 5 45 Wednesday 4 8 15. 11 15 5 15. 5 45 Thursday 5 8 15. 11 45 Friday 6 8 15- 45 Saturday 7 8 15. i 1 15 L. Cosslett, DRESSMAKER. 23, WOOD STREET, PENARTH Newest Styles. Perfect Fit Guaranteed

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