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BRISTOL t. PENARTH. Iodl ng hack at the histttTy of the Bristofen Club, one is almost tempted to s^y th-atfew have had such periods of upsand do was, triumps and defeats. At oli0 time, tnany,,yedl,& ago, they could beat the best team from the C udili district; bat after that they fell off to such an ?nt that Penarth could cross their line ah unes, whilst Newport or Cardiff could beat them ilmost pointless- Then came a period of awakening and resuscitai on. Several new, but experienced players were drawn into the Citizens' fold, and the club advar iced again into almost the front rank of Engby' football- In their initial match with Cardiff, this season; however, they "showed extremely poor form. Cardiff securing- three goals and six tries—nine times over the Bristol line. This overwhelming defeat must have taught the Bristolians a lesson, for after that defeat, they made rapid progress. Perhaps the best thing they did was to travel down to Plymouth and beat them by practi- cally the same score as Cardiff did, that is, they crossed the Albion hne once, This form, of course, on paper, brought them oncc more to the front, but this proved unreliable, for theCttrdirIians aganbeat them r at the return mad, on the Bristol giound, by one goal and one try to nil, Looking, therefore, at all 4hese facts, and knowing the general nncertamty that surrounds football, itwOujd have been very difficult to predict before the match on Saturday what Penarth would do with the representatives of the Ancient <~?ity. It turr out, however, that the meeting was a most favr for Bristol. They were at their tip- to' rnl, and with good fortune behind them, they ..oceeded after a haid and fluctuating fight, in iriflic ing a defeat on their visit,ore. the Penarthians. It the game bad baen ad v tie resnlt, Ülep,J,wonlct<" have represented the' t o state of affairs. On the whole it was a iairiy é¡\1g fight, and the home- terh clea'-ly gave » = ,tlut they have iiade a stride in ¡t \1") of improvement. They are cer- tainly to be co/igratulatad on ^heir, scrimmage;s. They are uDquetionably,clever"l'. many of forward work- I hey are bip' neavj merv; and on Saturday, they \Vheeled'th/i scrums time after "time* in a manner that left acting to be desired. Bowley, the ol-d Newportoman, has evidently taught them a wrinkle or two. He and Hayle put in some splendid w"' v; and it was Bowley, who, at the last moments the game, got over with a try, which, however, would never have been scored, had the Penarth three- quarters been more or the alert. The Penarth for- wards gave only a indifferent display in tbe first half, but they plied up splendidly in the second. Ill" the initial portion of the game there was no sting whatever in their attack, but the manner in which they fought clearly showed what they could do. The [Penarth half-back did failly well on the whole. Shepheid played capitally, and bad hard lines in not scoring. He made a fire but at the critical moment he hesitated, and a irtain try was lost. Alexander, too, played a fhfJ ga-ne. He got clean away on:e, and certainly appeared a scorer, but had ill-luck against him. Hevby Morgan, Heywcod, and Stamp were not in their usual form. The Bristolians losalot of groand by loose work in the way of passing. This is a feature they may avoid in coming matches, and if they only do, they will have to be seriously reckoned with by the very best of teams, Indeed it is a matter for supreme wonder that a big place like Bristol has been, in matters of football, BO very backward in coming fbrward. ITo-morrow (Saturday. j-PenartK meet Swansea, and if the'weather was anythi^Ji^e,, a grand; m^tch may ke: expected. The: AH Whites, proud of their con- questtof Newport, will p,lay; u i.desp^ately for. a win, and Penarth, on the other had, who have dravfn with the, victors of Swansea, will probably, again demon- stfate.: the little happj lqJ.g-k ",J;hêý. have'.oj. ^.iiearly always rising to occasion^; f i' ,0 ,>


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