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jTiie Oldest Established Pork Butcher in Penarth. .t' 'ë ¡;7;}:" 0:<0\ );<>).t-i:q, RICHARD GUY, Wholesale and Retail Pork Butcher, Ham n r and Bacon Curer, and Pork Sausage ,'W Manufacturer, ¡' 93, GLEBE STREET, PENARTH, AND 103, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK TRY OUR NOTED 1.Q. iPERf LB. ANY SIZE MADE TO ORDER. rr ,A; J ( r I 1 I r { r 1 ¡ 0.- ill ¡; Yo I PATENT M¡"L'T BREAD- {ROYALTY SECURE D).~ T VALKER J'i family Grocer and Confectioner Maiighan Terrace & 56 Windsor Road 3 PEÅRTk; I"' EBEAxr AST-StTFPEB.. ipim tmazq,% 9 r-% EPPSfS I I GRATEFUL—COMFOUUHG. ,a%" A$W*& COCOA — SOiLEfG w^tss Q iaux. ifx WArrCHB8 ire the Best VilliiiN th,- Strongest, most Durabla, and Finest Timekeepers 'ftV&Ymade, TESTIMONIALS FROM THOUSANDS of Owner* now. using them in all parts of the world. t WATCHES Made on au Improved System. Nqt liable to faijore, giving, Extra Strengthvsrratitar freedom from aceidentautt& Redatuad C^&ldCManiftaeture.' LACf:Y"8tf5, G T LUDGATt" WATCH ..¡ "}f Cheapest OW £ „ %er ever made at (ht & vAu • b Sihrw CftMs In Met. Gold Caset B«st London ? Three-qnarter English Lpy.r lully J, w(>1Iell. Chronometer Bdanee. TCnlarged Barrel. Pa.t.ent Dusr,aitd D,Ú}lP Proof Ring Band. Specially rwomnsehded for ladies' wear, An Kxaet Timekaeper Thousands have been SoI4 AbSolntely the Best Valna made. Price 910 in Massive löct, Gold Crystal ülalf vases.- In Sterling Silver Cases. £ 5 5s. v»- Performance warranted. Sent live and aalo to all parts of the world. LUOGATE" WATCH The Strongent, Best, and Cheapest English Levet ;Cfi 51. ~.<«* Unequalled for Accura ^Durability, and,Value. la SuVer Caw^ r dt London made Three quarter Plate tfnghsli Lever, Jewelled throughout, Chronometer Balance, Enlarged Barrel, Patent Dust and 5-' .ap Proof Ring Band. Keep, better tim lian, and is donbl<-the Btreusth and Value of any £ 1 5s. Vat- rh yet made. In Thre Staes. Small (as illustrated) f Gentlemen find Youths. Me li ivn for Working Met generally and V incn. In Mr'V S 0:i<tss, with CrvjKl Glast f558. In IRe-t. Gold Crystal Glass Cases G nilemen't Porforatanoo warranted. TESTIMONIALS frofi HOU¡;:A: D: of w kaR ER& Seat tree and safe to all parts of the world. c$(Jj3mAon■■ Will send the above "Watches, togetilar with Warranty for correit performance, t.) any part of the world free and at his rink 011 r.jceipt of P.O.O., payables UP.0, Bank Draft, o :■ Cash. CLOCKS for the hotwe, of evory kind, :rl, great variooy anl of the newest design*, from 51 to £ 500. pHURCHand TURRET OLOG'SS. Estimate* >-> and adviQli'SiiMf. ^J.-ust «» uplotel she Great Clocks for PidfsfmbyifiL' Town II Uf, Ashto.i-uaitsr. Lvne r*risl*C§gaiiek.' aud-manv other*. PLAtfifbol k for presentation ac-I hmcihold use. In.. Sterling S.'iv• ;n L Il'tro P: Ate Ilia prettiest p.irttra->ri.!i: b»> .jiiakV/i u,t mo'Ierata J^sweLlery' ,!)n Gn-v. or Plain Gold of bssr.Lon lo^ ra. ,ke ^u.Sd,iuis o novelties at manufaoturers ;piucei: ENGAGEK enaiess variety, se# with the flnSSTGfea«r<!t'!Jl of best Liadtiil makw. "SpeeialityBrilliant 1;"n, at and Selections free on receipr. of reference. "sjENfsON'S PAMPRLEr. the Iar^egi 3,nd of it6 kind, containing nearly 200 pa^ee of Prices and^ Illustrations ^of every cliisa of 'WATG.HE9U