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" 0 hit-Chit.


0 hit-Chit. By RAMBLING TOMMY. The School Board triennial Election is now an event of the past, a matter of history. Nine brave men fought, and two fell. Two tried servants succumbed to the fickle fancies of the electorate. Mr Snell, who was regarded as almost the strongest of the Church candidates, and who has always run we'l in other contests, has, by some mysterious fate, been placed at the bottom of the poll. 0 0 0 Mr Carslake Thompson, who has never been a for- midable opponeut, but whose recent political action, made him even less popular, has also had to retire, and now lie will have time to think over his position- He has turned his back upon his first love in the world political, and is not so sound on the education queptions, aa they affect Undenomiuationalists, as one could" wish. He forsook his friends in prosperity. and now in his adversity hey have forsaken him, and laugh at his calamity. 0 0 0 There is a song which says There are as good fish in the sea as ever yet were caught," so that we can only hope that the new members -which have been .caughi—Messrs Riches, Aitken and Joiles-will turn out to be good men. z;1 0 0 0 It is astonishing how poetical some people suddenly become when there is anything of an exciting charac- ter surrounding them. Last Friday, those who had assmbled in the Jnbilee Hall after the poll was closed, were treated to some choice recitals of original com- o |i:sitions. I should like to give my readers a few fjp:cimens, but as I have POI obtained permission from uhe composers, and 1 have not ascertained whether 11 rights have been reserved," perhaps I had _u_- better rot risk it. However, I may venture to say that the t ivo principal subjects dealt with in the poems were hanging and shaving. 0 0 0 "Tennyson Smith is coming!" Thus reads some postars which are displayed on the various hoardings. I remember reading an advertisement in an American paper at one time, as follow^ Smith is coming! who and what is Smith and then in small type underneath appealed the words See next week." The readers of that paper for the time being, were left iu the dark as to who and what Smith was, and I never received the information. 000 The Smith that is coming to Penarth is one of the most popular Temperance lecturers of the day-not a money-grabber; not one who makes lecturing his pro- fession on purpose to amass wealth, but one whose heart is in his work, one who preaches Total Absti- nence because he is anxious to lift up the fallen, and to save others from falling. He is a man who, if he makes a £10 note in one town, will go to some villages and help gratuitously those societies which cannot afford to pay for the services of a lecturer, but whose members are nevertheless surrounded with temptations, and need a cheering word and a helping hand. Tennyson Smith is coming to Penarth, and I have no doubt he will receive a very cordial welcome, and I hope bring a message which will help to reno- vate the homes of some of Penarth's drinkers. 0 0 0 The Cogan Board School children, will give two grand concerts in Andrews' Large Hall, on Wednes- day and Thursday, December 17 and 18. There will be several new attractions, including the stilt walkers, the statue dance, &c. Early application should be made for tickets, as only a limited number have been printed for each evening. -=- Ou Tuesday and Wednesday, the 3rd and 4th of December, there will be two exhibitions of living pictures in Andrews' Large Hall, the proceeds ot which will be given to the Victoria Nurses' Institute. A more deserving object there has not been estab- lished in Penarth, as It provides assistance in time of need, For persons of every sect and creed. Tickets, 1/. and 2/6 each, may be obtained of the Hon. Sec., Miss Carter, St. Margaret's, or of Mr J. F. Pickford, Chronicle Office, Penarth. 0 0 0 The first of a series of popular Sunday evening services will be held In Andrews' Large Hall next Sunday. The doors will be opened at 8 o'clock, ser- vice to commence at 8 15. The address will be given by Mrs Wheatley. Solos and recitations will form part of the programme. The singing will be led by the Blue Ribbon Choir. 0 0 0 The Arcot Street Wesleyan Band of Hope AnniveiV sary will be celebrated on Sunday (tomorrow) Temperance Sunoay. The Rev, T. Wheatley will preach morning and evening, and in the afternoon at 2.45, there will be a very attractive programme of recitations, solos, &c. All are cordially invited.