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SCHOOL BOARD J ELECTION. On Friday last, amid It heavy, and continuous down- pour of rain, the polling for the above Board took place at the Board Schools, thera being two rooms set apart for the purpose. The poll opened at 12 o'clock noon, and closed at 8 p.m. For the first threfe or four hours there was no apparent interest in the election. Even an ordinary stranger passing the polling station, would have been ignorant that any- thing out of the usu 1 run of events was transpiring. After tea, things became more animated, and at times there were so many electors waiting to record their votes that they had to stand in file and one aft er another enter the polling room. Most of th9 candi- dates were in attendance, and so peculiar were the circumstances under which the election was fought, that several of them wore very anxious expressions, hope and fear commingling, as to what was to be the verdict on the day's work. Punctually at 8 o'clock the doors were shut. and two or three would-be voters were not allowed tiie use of the official pencil. Inside the counting room all the candidate assembled except Dr Aitken whose professional duties called li [III to attend a patient who was in great danger. The voting papers were first opened, and the various clerks pn c eded with the counting. This process occupied about, t.vo hours, the poll being declared a little after ten o'clock, as follows — ",rrIJomns (L alld U) 1088' '*Lloyd (C and 0) 1072 Ailken (C and U) 932 *Escott (C and U) 819 *Llewellyn (L and U) 814 Riches (C and C) 737 Jones (L aud U) 70L NOT ELECTED. ^Thompson (C and U) 6G9 ""Snell (C and C) 562 Although there are on the Register over 1700 voters only a few over 1,000 polled. Between the closing of the poll, and the declaration, many of the Undenominational party assembled in the Jubilee Hall, which place they had used as a committee room, and under the chairmanship of Mr R. A. Lewis a discussion took place upon the question of the proposed amalgamation of the Co-an and Llandough ((J.!)) School Board with that of Penarth. A report appean, elsewhere- After the poll had been declared there was an adjournment to the same room for congratul- atious and reviews.

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