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Penarth Police Cou-r.


Penarth Police Cou-r. MaG! ST kates.—Major Thornley and Mr Llèwelen Wood. Of. AIM fok wagks. On Wedne-day morning at the Penarth Police Court, Owen Bowell, a Channel pilot, was sued by a Illall named Wm. Stephens, who was formerly in his employ for £ 0. in respect of wages. There was liom complication with respect to the accounts, the magistrates commenting on the fact that seeing that defendant, did not pay the whole of the wages each fortnight- a satisfactory statement was not kept. Defendant afforded dates upon which balances were 'due, and from this it appeared that X5 was owing. I An order was made for this amount to be paid in the f'c,Lowing li)"Ilillet, :Ct at once and two further instalments of £ 2 each within a month. A BOARDING MASTER'S DEBTS. John Johnson, a boatdniy-house master residing at 13 Cardiff, was summoned in respect of a civil debt amounting to £ 4 1 Is 6d, judgment obtained at that court, the value of a dog belonging to Mr John \Yilli-ms, farmer. Lhmdough. In reply to the Magistrates' cleik, Johnson denied that he had any 1 means, a hot se and t'ap on his premise? being claimed bv others. He had btiied to pay Ids debts, and w is J a: the present time summoned to the non-payment of rate: ihe Bench decided 10 older payment of the j amount due within a month, otherwise he would be sent to gaol for a month. I INEUMATED FJRKMEN. I Two marine firemen named Thomas Hopnell and Arthur Patch, were brought up charged with assailing j I P.O.V. R. Tiiomas aul U. Paley at IId:on Uoad, Barry Dock. the previous evening, "he Officers, it appealed, received information about 8 o'clock of an Ii attempted till lobbery committed by a man cluely rl-serii the defendant Patch in appearance, and he was accordingly taken to a shop to be i,.Ientified. He turned out to be the wrong man, however, and because he had been wrongly accused he became abusive. P.C. Paley tried to eject him from the premises, when he turned round and assaulted him. P.C. Thomas then appeared to assist his comrade, and Hopnell, a powerful man, observing this, rushed at him, exclaining I have just come out of gaol for 12 months, and I'll do another for you," at the same time kicking him on the body and legs. Paley was being overpowered and kicked by Patch, and but for the valuable assistance rendeted by civilians it. would have bsen impossible to convey prisoners to the police station. Prisoners were sentenced to one month's imprisonment with hard labour.

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