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r ISTABLISHED OVER QUARTER OF A CENTURY, ,7 7 it le fier, ld I liwe '¿; "17.lJ I ,.)Jf:f¡. j1;íl ) ,"¿'ùt,. ,,¿, AND ]l (1=; 1t 'Irv, 1t 1it" 11:; J N R T .AI1 -a.!J"ICI"!I'œEt:l1l;l.l" '0- ".T.I!'ë:1'1r:õ: POEK PUS, any size, 7id per lb BEST PORK SAUSAGES, 8d per 1° HOSE CURED BACOI AHDHAIS (WHITE or Smoked) ■ 1E&S OF PORK, 6id per lb HOME iADE BRAWI, in loulds, 8d per lb Just the thing for the Breakfast or Tea Table. A- .,ti A tlJ ¡/" 53, PLASSEY fcTREET,' (Next door to Mr CorrweIl, Butcher-) and The 6 Decker1 Bakery, low Street, Penarfch. :a: -v- 'IJI:n"A.G&U!1I'=-U- e A'f\,n t'.1f Stem* Stlaie and S'wt r fi &1) I n HZeai u fJ.j U' 'l 'U jf ¿ fi; I¡¡¡Ø 1i U tW j (J,& Yfb e IV f.. J J1 (. :B Ei: CHOICE CAKE from 4d. to Is, per Ib Mieioas PASTRY of every Inscription. PARTIES CATERSD FOR. Bread delivered daily to all parts; of the Town. 1IIIm: MISS ROWLEri, Mini & ScientIfic DrEssmakcL PERFECT FIT AND STYLE. ADDEESS— FANCY BAZAAR, SEVERN HOUSE, PLASSEY STREET, PENARTH. I L F R A C 0 M 13 E. HFsxtjn's ttUi.1 lJ U GIIITOI" BOARDING HOUSE, PLEASANTLY SITUATED. FEW MINUTES' WALK FROM PIER, AND CLOSE TO EF,-A. EXCELLENT NEWLY-FURNISHED DRAW- ING, DINING, AND BED ROOMS. TERMS VERY MODERATE. i j FOR ECZEMA, With all its disagreeable accompaniments, including that awful irritation that makes one feel as if ha would scratch himself to pieces, i, HOMOCEA COMES IN AND INSTANTLY TOUCHES THE SPOT, and where one has not been able to sleep for nights, refreshing and balmy sleep comes as Nature's greatest aid, Homocea and sleep working together. With -:to(I fo,-)(I and proper diet, Homocea works a perfect cure. Price, 1/1% and 2/9 per box or by post 1/3 and 3s. EXANO (HOMOCEA FORT) Is the strong form of Homocea made (.specially for deep-seated rheumatic pains-more especially of the joints, and for pains in the chest, bronchitis, &c., but it is not to be used for open wounds, sores, or delicate parts of the body. We guarantee thi. ointment, and in every case when purchaser! direct from us, we will refund the money if relief is not obtained by the purchaser. Price, 2s. Sd. per box,. 3s. by post. HOMOCEA SOAP. HOMOCEA SOAP. This soap contains the valuable properties of the I Homocea Ointment, and is certainly a perfect toilet soap but as a medical soap, it is of great especially in the nursery, and for all who hav" delicate skins. Price, 9d. and Is. 3d. a cake, or 2s. and 3s. per box; postage, 2d. and 3d. extra. 0 All the above prepara-tions can be had from Chemists, Druggists, &cM or direct by post from the Homocea Company, 22, Hamilton Sq uare, Birkenhead. PURCHASE PIANOS FOR CASH AND SAVE 50 PER CENT AT The Few Pianoforte and Organ Stores, 44, WINDSOR ROAD, PEARTlf, Next door to Messrs. Vaughan and Co., Dyers. tilit)tild see the HIGH CLASS INSTRUMENTS now on'view at the above address belore bin-Lug- elsewhere. ALL INSTRUMENTS COME DIRECT FROM THE FACTORV, And; can be Manufactured 10 suit; the tastes of CustouH-rs. Pianos Tuned from 3s. 6d. PIPE AND REED ORGANS TUNED AND RENOVATED. ESTIMATES FREE FOR ALL KINDS OF ^REPAIRS, Pianos on Hire from Monthly, -+- t LESSONS IN I BOOI(ICEEI).IN{}, I, SHORTHAND, (C *m T TTT A T" 'T J. 33, ALBERT ROAD, PENARTH. fl'gADESIEN'S BOOKS KEPT. RENTS COLLECTED. Agent to the NATIONAL BENEFIT TRUST LTD.. LONDON. OPENING OF Tabernacle Baptist Chapel, Plasty Street, Penarih- THE QPESIIG- SERVICES, Will be held (D.V.) on IfiZedLxaesdLsiy, Moir, 2Q; HEY. JAMES MOFFAT LOGAN, t.Bristcl) will preach at ;),0 p.m. 5.0 pin., TEA will he provided in the Schoolroom. Tickets One Shilling each. 7.30(p.m., Preaclier, Rev I). J. Hiley, (Bristol.) SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2ith, 11.0 a.m and 6.30 p.tr. Preacher, REV. SAMUEL HARRIS BOOTH, fhD., (London^, Secretary of the London Baptibt Union. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27lli, 780 p.m., Pieachnr, REV. JAMES OWEN, (Swansea.) SUNDAY DECEMBER Jst, 11.0 am., and (>-30 p.m., Preacher, REV. W. J. HENDERSON, M.A., Joitit, President of Bristol Baptist Ccl'ege. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8th, 11.0 a.m., and 0-30 p-m-, Preacher, Dr GETHIN DAVIES, President of Bangor College. Collection at the close of each Service in aid of the Building Fund. A SALE OF WORK Will be held on Wednesday, December llr.h, at 3.0 p.m in aid of the Fund. CO L I V J T- -=L r ITC OFFICE, I For your | is the j3€2st' axacl OMea-pest. <