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FCOTBALL. NEWPORT V. PENARTH. By ONE OF THE CROWD. There was a time-only a few seasons back-when the very name Penarth spelt terror to the Newport footballer. Then, in two seasons. Penarth brought off two draws and two wins with the famous Usksiders. But since then, the Newportonians, with the re-appear- I ance of A. J. Gould in their ranks, have gone up in the football world, and have attained to a pitch of phenomenal brilliancy, that has been the admiration and envy of every first class combination in the three kingdoms. Penarth, on the other hand, though very strong at the commencement of last seasen, and able to give a good game to the redoubtable Usksiders, have this year fallen off owing to circumstances over which they had no control. How can a man fight against his destiny ? How can a club like Penarth, crippled by the loss of its best men, hope to put a team in the field, able to put a team in the field able to beat the best fifteen of Newport ? There wrs. scarcely any comparison in real point of merit between the two teams who fought on the Newport ground on Saturday. The wonder is, seeing the splendid team that Newport rut out, and the team Penarth took up, that the homesters did not wiu by more than sixteen points to six. Th^ fact of the matter is, that the Penarthians went up determined to make a plucky and resolute fight; and though they had no hopes of winning, they resolved to keep down the score against them. In ail this they succeeded to a certain extent, and although they did not show such cool, determined, t brilliant foim, as against Llanelly, yet they apparently succeeded in satisfying most of their friends. It was at three-quarter play where they were most badly beaten, and if the Usksiders' third line had only played with their usual care and skill, and avoided the many mulls aud knocks on which characterised their play, they must have made rings round the visitors. Of course the Penarth three-quarters seldom got the ball, but. their defensive play was creditable upon the whole. Hey wood made one good run, and Herby Morgan was strong in defence throughout, while Alexander, though very weak in the tackling line in '7' c;1 tho first half, made ample reparation in the second, both by way of tackling and scoring. Forward, wa were badly beaten, except, perhaps, at the closing stages of the game, when Alexander's first try seemed to put new life into the ptlck From that time to the end of the game, the Penarth nps made a very crectf itable display against their big opponents. If they could only have heeled out the ball to their halves, the amount of the win might have been still further reduced. Shepherd and Prole did as well as could be expected, seeing the men they had against them and I taking into consideration the fact that the Penarth forwards seldom sent out the ball. But if they couldn't feed the three-quarters, they very effectively and very often spoiled the attempts of their opponents' halves. Clemence, undoubtedly, pluyed a tin. gamep and is probably a better man than the Newport cus- todian. Taking the game on the whole, one would say it was fast and interesting^ and characterized by keen tackling on the part of the visitors. "The Penarthians commenced rather feebly, but gradually improved and gained confidence as time went on, and never held the upper hand throughout the game, yet fhey clearly showed their opponents they ceuldn't play fast and loose" with them and when the call of time came they also plainly showed that there WAS plenty of fight left in them yet. On Saturday, '(to-day,) Penarth play Bristol, at Bristol.