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r' Uhit-Chit. BY BUMBLING TOMMY. I am pleased to note that Mr Evans, Plassey Street, Penarth, has been successful in taking first priise for game bantams and H.C. for black rose combs at the great National Poultry Show, held this week at the Crystal Palace. Mr Evans has been wonderfully fortunate this season with his birds, having secured fir1't honours at almost every show where be has exhibited. 0 0 0 By the bye, I understand a meeting of cage'birds, poultry and pigeon tanciers, is no be held next Tuesday week, to take preliminary steps in establishing a fanciers' society and to organise a show in Penarth. 0 0 0 There will re DO meeti) g of the Total Abstinence Federat'on in Perap.h next week, in consequence of the openiDg of the new Tabernacle Baptist Chapel. 0 0 0 We have been favoured with a variety of weather during this week. Storms and sunshine, thunder and lightning, snow and hail, one day hot and muggy, the next a rush for zero. And what else could be expected, seeing the disturbing elements which have been at work in, or as I heard one man put it, The world schoolastical ?" Among candidates and others f ;-hool politics have been the chief topics of Conversation And hundreds of "black '(ms" have been told by certain persons to injure the chances of certain candi- dates. too By the bye what was the object of the meeting at the ball on Wednesday evening ? and why was the meeting called a couple of nights before the School election ? Was it to disparage Mr Llewellyn, and to raise a hostile feeling to him for the purpose of keep- ing him off the Board, after having honourably held a seat there for eighteen years in succession, the greater portion of which time he has been Vice- chairman ? a o o Mr Llewellyn knows his alphabet too well, and his career has been to(I honourable for it M be sallied or stained by such persons who were concerned in the calling of the public meeting. There were to have been seven on the platform to denounce him and to point out defects in his work, but where were the seven? Echo answers where ?,DoubtLs they knew they had not a leg to stand on, and probably saw the red light- 0 0 0' Not every man is be who lifts his band to strike who convs out of the melee unscathed, and probably it was the danger of expose which made these me» shirk I- their duty.' Certain it is their courage failed and Mr Millward was left to fight his ovsn battles, and I think he will hesitate before calling a public meeting again. 0 0 0 The inquiry has done Mr Llewellyn good He had only done his duty, and therefore feared no inves- tigation, and the unanimous vote of confidenoe passed by the meeting will strengthen him fo r the conflict on Friday. 0 0 0 Mr Llewellyn is not without his faults—tell me the man who is- but as a public official there ia not one who can throw a stone at him, Here ie, the opinion of 11 gentleman who is opposed to him in politics, nd who ip, also a strong Deriominationalist: ''there may be as good, but not a better public. servant can be found in the United Kindom." 0 0 0 We omitted to mention in our last issue that Mr Thomas Bevan, the late Chairman of our now defunct local Board, has had blessi ngs heaped upon his bead in the shape of a son and heir quite recently. As our honoured and esteemed hte Chainran has himself dubbed the new arrival by the apt cogpnoman of '-Isaac" we must hasten to congratulate him and his partner upon following the example of Abraham and Sarah in "bearing-fruit in his old age."

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