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i suppose yon get your Cake & Confectionery, AT THE QUEEN RESTAURANT If you don't, YOU MISS A TREATI Gflerry eake fs. per 16 ;>.1' Senoa ltP a d. per 16 so fi y 40 Sticfi Jruit Gafie 8d. per 16 Sultana Gafie 6d. per 16 Seed JJ 6d. per If Madeira Qafces 8d. & 1s. eaeli. J&jr&cl iraMOHS o-til:BL«B:SC- k:iJl:1ld e;. ";1 ¡;. J fllso every toipiioi) of Plain & fiippial GoiWipi ««Ugliest pott piiiij fiW8IU Be sure you get CYTOS BREAD. OWN EVM—I —■—■ ■■ ■——> milium MM— »II« — SOLE AGENT- JEZrn. K.. Willia.mSr q-li ifucen Restaurant, ST AN WELL ROAD, (adjoining Station), PENARTH M||| >■——— L_I_LLJ. '!Lf!']'1 H h


Barry Bullies at Penarth ?olica…