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Mr Millward and the Assistant…



FOOTBALL. ABERAVON V, PENARTH. By ONE OF THE CROWD. The game was trul i, of a most wretched descrip- tion, and everybody who saw the fine display the Seasiders made against the Tinplaters, would never dream that any of the skilful and. polished players who represented Penarth against Llanelly were included in the team that did duty for the homesters last Saturday. It was indeed a most disappointing match, and. looking at it from every standpoint, was decidedly the most uninteresting and miserable tha'j has been played on the Penarth ground for years. No one can put forward any sensible raasoa for the display given by the homesters to account for their sudden falling off. Of eourse, they had several men jfbsent, but that would not account for the fourik rate exhibis tion that took place. Some say that they were rc holding themselves in hand" for the Newport meeting; but that is simply absurd. They didnot H hold themselves in hand at all, they played for all they were worth, and, certainly, that wasn't very much on Saturday's form. Others think they took matters too easily and looked upon the AberaVon men as altogether beneath their calibre. There may be something in this to a certain extent. At all i<"H events, the Avon men provpd themselves to be no easy nut to crack, Their forwards are a fine sturdy lot, and sent the ball out to their halves time after time—indeed it is no exaggeration to say that the Penarth forwards failed to heel out more than once in the first half. In the open the visitors were not duite so good. Their threequarters were only mediocre, aud had they only possessed scoring powers, judging by the number of times they got the ball from their halveSt they must have made rings round Penarth. It was, indeed, a good job for Penarth that the visitors' threequarter line were all at sea when they came to do the really vital portion of threequarter work. Charley Kilby played well for Penarth, at full back. His show was a great improvement on his previous work at that post this season. Of the Penarth three- quarters, Hey wood and Herby Morgan played fairly well, but the others gave a very poor display. THE NEWPORT MATCH. The Newport match comes off to-day, Saturday, and Penarth will take up the best team they can. It certainly is not as strong as one could wish, but it is about the best they could get together, handicapped as they are by the loss of their best men. Let then! play up as they did against Llanelly and nobody caø find fault with them.

- lst XV. FIXTURES 1895-96.…