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PARSON FITZKOY is nothing if not elegant m nifr pulpit diction; but he rather surprised his parishioners on Sunday when he arose to the extreme felicity of referring to Lot's lady, who was transformed into a. monolith of chloride of sodium." THE secret of being entertaining in conversation is so simple that it is astonishing so few people know it. The rule is always to talk about the personal interests of the one you are taikrng with. He will save you the trouble of talking much, and will leave you finally with a remarkably good opinion of your powers as an entertainer. PUTTING IT GISNTLY.— You know, George, I'm a milcl-spoken sort of chap, and never call anybody bad names; but if someone asked me to mention the greatest rascal in London, I would say to you: George, there is somebody wants to speak- to you." INDIGNANT Youth: "I want you to recollect, sir, that I'm a gentleman." Other Fellow: All right, sir; as a friend of the family I will do my best, but ycu are putting my capacity for memory to a ieMful


Cogan Old Church.

A Penarth Man's Sad End. -

PeDarth Police Court.

Total Abstinenoe Federation.…