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SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION. Jnst now, in view of the Penarth School Board Election, the foUowing may be interesting to our readers. The inaugural meeting of the newly-formed Birm* ingham and Midland Educational League to resist increased grants to denominational schools was held on Tuesday pvening in the Birmingham Town Hall. Mr George Dixon, M.P., who presided, said that all that remained to be accomplished of the programme of the old National Educational League was to make the Board schools universal, and that the area of their operations should be co-terminius with that of the District Councils. The Denominationalists had become exceedingly active of late in putting forward theif claims for increased assistance. Tbe proposal "of Cardinal Vaughan and the Roman Catholics was that all Voluntary schools should receive assistance from the rates in the same proportion as the Board Schooli, the management to remain in the bands of self. elected individuals. That was totally unjust to the ratepayers The proposal of the Archbishops of the Anglican Church that the Government should take under their charge the whole of the teachers in every elementary school in the country, and pay them their salary out of the public funds was opposed to all the principles of the old Liberal party. They had been trying to deeenc tralise government, but this would centralise it. He condemned the proposal of the National Union of Teachers as involving an additional burden upon the country of over two millions a year. A resolution was proposed by Alderman Hart, seconded by the Rev. J. Wood, and supported by the Hon. Lyulph Stanley, approving of the formation of the League, which pledged itselfjto resist the demands being made fof increased grants to denominational schools' and to provide a universal system of Board School education