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Dr Baraardo's Homes.


Dr Baraardo's Homes. We have received the TWENTY.NINTH ANNUAL REPORT of Dr. Barnardo's Homes, covering the year 1894. in a note to the reader Dr. Barnardo explains that much delay has arisen owing to his serious and sudden illness in the course of the summer. Delay, however, may well be excused when the full and detailed nature of the document is borne in mind. It is a Report which belies the usual character of reports for it is eminently readable and interesting, while its voluminous and widely varied details mav well excite astonishment at the extent of the work with which it deals. If there are still (and there seem to be) multi- tudes of children who need a friend and protector, here certainly are agencies which are obviously straining every nerve to meet the difficulties and necessities of the case. Surely society owes a debt of gratitude to her Preventive and Rec Cross Institutions. The work of "Dr. Barnardo's Homes" appears during 1894 to have gone forward steadily and solidly, if not by leaps and bounds. They have under their care little short of 5,000 Children of all ages, from babies to big youths They dealt with in the year no fewer than 12,393 cases, of whom 7,99 were fresh applications. Ninety- six of the children admitted weie infants in arms, and fifty-two were incurable, crippled, physically disabled and blind, or deaf mutes. Free lodgings were supp- lied to otherwise homeless young street wanderers to the number of 14,806, and free rations to the number of 128,261. It is remarkable to observe that, out of a total ot 6,673 children in the Homes at one time and another during the year, only twenty-four deaths occurred which works out at an annual death-rate of about 31 per 1,000. 724 trained and tested boys and girls were emigrated to the Colonies, making a total of 7,310 emigrants in all. One of the most interesting features of the Report is the conclusive evidence it furnishes of the extraordinary success which has attended the emigration effort of the Humes. Not only are the failures practically a uegligeable quantity (about one per cent), but the letters which are quoted from the young colonists themselves testify abundantly to the contentment which has followed their trans- plantation from slumland to the far West- Ample material is furnished to a reader to form his own con- clusions in the numerous case records and personal letters which are published. We cordially commend the publication to the notice of our readers. A copy will be sent to any one who supplies his or her name and address to the Secretary at the Iload Offices of the Homes, 18 to 26, Stepney Causeway, London, E. Of course the work is solely supported by voluntary contributions, and we are sure that for the support of his 5,000 Boys and Girls Dr. Barnardo will be glad to raceive also any messages of praelicai sympathy from any who are interested in his well known labours. It is worthy of note that 60 per cent of laist year's admissions were from the provinces so that the Homes are by no means to be reckoned as a merely Metropolitan Charity.

Euneral of Mr H. Jefferies,…