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: Lord Tindsor on Disastablisliment.…


Lord Tindsor on Disastablisli- ment. On Wednesday, in the Iron-room, Bromsgrove Street, Grangetown, a three days' bazaar was opened in aid of the general funds of St. Paul's Church, Paget Street. The inaugural ceremony was performed by the Right. Hon.' Lcrd Windsor, who said they knew that hia interest in Grangetown had been of long standing. He was glad indeed to be able to take part in a parish movement for the furtherance of Church work in that district. The Church bad lately passed through an anxious time. For certain reasons, historical and otherwise, it had been thought by persons desirable to make an attack upon what had hitherto been considered as the property of the Church, and what they as Church people stili regard- ed as its property- He could not do otherwise than candidly state his opinion whenever he had an oppor- tunity, that he was delighted that this attack so far bad completely failed. (Applause,) They believed that this first attempt to attack the property of the Church had merely given evidence of thestrength of the Church in Wales. (Applause.) They bad now the duty laid upon them of showing what they claimed they could show—ibat, without any disrespect to those who were under different banners, carrying on the great work of Christianity, they still dtsited to show that the Church of England in Wales could cope with the great necessities that arose with the vast increases of population in certain districts- That was their duty, and it was a serious one. He did not say that they professed to cope with the difficulty to the full extent or adequately but they maintained that they could do their work, and that for many years past the Church of England in Wales had been doing that work. (Applause-) This en-titled them to say "You shall not rob us of the property which we have justly laid claim to," They must show themselves a living Church, not the Church of a certain class, but the Church of every section.

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