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.,or ■ 11 —■ S. ANDBEWS AND SON, I Complete funeral SurnisAersr The Mews,Glebe Street, PENARTH. EVERY REQUISITE FOR FUNERALS OF ALL CLASSES. FUNERALS CONDUCTED WITH REFINEMENT AND ECONOMY. TELEGRAPHIC COMMUNICATION WITH CHIEF OFFICE, CARDIFF. It AN AMERICAN ORGAN I i | BOOK FREE. Dfi Send ySa* iUidwss on ajloaft-card, and yoii will receive the < finest ana most elaborate Catalogue of American Organs and Pianos ever published. It m m r« r— O < will sbow you the latest and t\ \J I* tik Kfl best styles, and how to ¥ GW Vr O 4 Satisfaction guaranteed before you pay. Write to us, mentioning this paper. You will be more than pleased at the result, it you HPWgwi goitatoaee. ORGANS, carriage paid, from 910. jsSSgSIf < References specially permitted to J. H. OSBORNE, ESQ., 132, FLEET 8TREET, LONDON, C.C., of -whom catalogues may HSHRA be had free on application, and information obtained as to where tbd Organs can be eeen and tested in London, or write direct to j CORNISH & CO., ■gHp^WASHINGTQN.'TNPff/ JEBSEY|^?m!g.ag* ON (E,tabUlheà 16 f!eM,). 'r 04 i THE GREAT AMERICAN PRESCRIPTION. T*™TvouM f,. ,^er, Gravel, Kidney, Liver complaints, and all Diseases of the Urinary v rgans. 1 his i description is in the hands of a Minister, who will befriend any one suffering from these enervating diseases. It has CURED THOUSANDS. Verely send self-addressed stamped envelope to the Rev. DAVID JONES, Rav Villa, Lewes, -?hen the Prescription will be sent FREE OF CHARGE. Kaw this Paner. I E f. GllNN, H.P.C., SAHTARY PLUMBER and HOT WATER EIGIIEER, GA.S-FJTTER, BELL-HANGER, &c., Begs to intimare to the Residents of Penarth and Neighbourhood that be has commenced Business on bis own account, and respectfully solicits a share of Public Patronage; ELECTRIC AND OTHER BELLS FIXED AND REPAIRED. All work will receive personal and prompt attention, and will be executed with Despatch and at Moderate Charges. Note Address— 48, Grove Terrace, PENARTH. SAMUEL GARWOOD, Salop 8t eet, PRACTIf L Layer of Drain Pipes and W.C. Repairer. Mason Work <&c. undertaken Over 25 Years' experience. Excellent References g;iven Home-made Bread. !t E. BiSHOP, CONFECTIONER 4, GLEBE^ STREET, PENARTH. Sole Agent for L.J PT 0 N'8 TEAS .l J NOTICE OF REMOVAL. ti E. A. HOOPER'S FUNERAL ESTABLISHMENT Is THE BEST FOR ALL CLASSES OF FUNERALS. FURNITURE REMOVED To all parts of the KINGDOM. WINDSOR MEWS, SALOP ST., PENARTH PRIOE LIST ON APPLICATION. FIREWOOD! FIREWOOD BLOCKS, BUNDLES, CHOPPED STICKS at the I Penarth Firewood Supply 57, and 58, SALOP STREET, Penarth, L&B'G. C. HOHHIIII, PROFESSOR OF MUSIG, Organist and Choir-Master of Windsor Road Jongre- gational Church. Receives and Visits Pupils for INSTRU- MENTAL, VOCAL & THEORETI- CAL Tuition Pupils prepared for j the various local Musical Examinations. NUMEROUS fIFST GLJkSS TESTIPIOJ41.ALS Prospectus may be had on application Acldress- M ozart House Windsor Road. =3 A/TRS. McMURRAY (late Boxall)., Wardrobe Dealer, 12, Arcgt Street, Penarth. Good Prices paid for Children s, Clothing. All orders receive prompt attention. Furniture Bought. DRESSMAKING.- Wanted, a couple of appren- T\ 'tices. Apply, Mrs Daviea, 2, Ivy street, (West Cottages), Penarth. XTEARTS OF BRITAIN BENEFIT "AND AA DIVIDEND SOCIETY, LIMITED.—-Agents Wanted in Penarth District-Managers, Foremen Timekeeper?, and others having spare evenings; stamp for reply. Hermon J. White, District Manager, 8, Arcot-street, Penarth. A HOUSE for Sale. Good condition. Price £ 239 —Apply G-W.v uhronicle Office, Penarth. EATTIERS, Gloves, &c., done up, Cleaned and F Dyed. Gents clothes, Curtains, Table-cloths, and Dresses cleaned or dyed and got up to look equal 0 to new. Many years experience. Satisfaction guaran- teed. Good references if required—Mrs Trump, 2, James Street. ]V|R- & MRS. BUCKLA.NL, Wardrobe and Far* ^■T-L niture Dealers. The Oldest Established Dealer in Penarth.-57 aud 58, Salop Street. FOR SALE. Concert Flute, by Ciementi & Co A London. Silver keys (8) and fittings.-Mozarfi House, Windsor Road. rpO be sold, that very fast Grey Mare. Warranted *• free from any disease.—Apply Buckland, Salop Stieet, Penarth. YOU WILL NEVER V!; G T WELL t HUGHES'S- CNTIL YOU TAKE J BLOOD PILLS Try what you may, the system will never be eradicated of Disease until the Direct and Specific Remedy for the Blood is taken Hughes's Blood Pills For Bad Blood, contains the germs of all the n Ailments which trouble the Human System, permeating every organ of the Body, dis- turbing their duties. and bringing the Nervous System to that despondent state which often prefer Death to Lite HENCE R UGHES'S BLOOD PILLS SECURE PURE BLOOD VIGOROUS DIGESTION; JEALTHY SKIN SOUND KIDNEYS JIONG NERVES STONG HEART ACTIVE LIVER and Happy & lively Spirits HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS SCURVKY* SKIN RASH TORPID LLVt 8 INDIGESTION R^F<TI>T? HEADACHE; CI ±1 JCI DYSPEPSIA BILIOUSNESS* CON STIPATION RHEUMATISM NERVOUSNESS PILLTS, UTS TRl: A BOX OF HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS THEY ILL BRING YOU HEALTH, JOY, HAPPINESS And enable you to follow your occupation with comfort and pleasure SEND far a Box from any Chemist or Dea!er if Patent Medicines. Thy are sold at 1/1 fc, 2/9. 4/6 I DON'T be persuaded to take any Substi- tute, but see that you get the Geuuine Sort, with the TRADE MARK, shape of a Heart on a Red Label, on each Box, or send direct enclosing; 1/3, 2/11, or 4/i). to the Maker, JACOB RUGHE" Manufacturing Chemist, Pend, who will mail them by return