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1. suppose you get your Cake & Confectionery —— AT THE —— QXTISEN' RESTAURANT v 4 If you don't, YOU MISS A TREAT! 6 Merry 6 a fie 1s. per i€ Senoa « ad. per i6 Stic A &ruit CaUe 8d. per 16 Sultana Gafie 6d. per 16 Seed 6d. per 16 w fflladeira Qafies ad. & 1s. eacli. A.Jr1 d.. Jl?ti '1L1lS «.:J;1th cee ki.IrJ1.d. ~~T.—- i. in .i |tM.i|l|m8mana.asHMaB»iB8aBB^^ ill ^iy isciipiion Of Plain & 0 n fflMnq of tne fiigftBst pie pity Be sure you get CYTOS BREAD. —r^f-riin—rW-nh1-1WV>Writf1WgMB——HaWM^^MO^gg————BIIm ■iiiiiBMaaWP'UJUJ1Ltr»^iL Ti-mnMB—^WM———Ml1^—O SOLE AGENT- <. 0 BL. "IHTiXli^lMLSfc Me lIueen Restaurant, STAKWELL ROAD, (adjoining Station), PENARTH 1 1 I'll. Ml, r-

"-_-Total Abstinence Federation.…

Sunday Evening Popular Services.…

Penarth Police CoiFt.