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G hit-Chit.


G hit-Chit. BY RAMBLING TOMMY. There seems to be a little misunderstanding as to the aims and objects of the Penarth Blue Ribbon Choir, and one or two individuals have even suggested that a spirit of opposition to the various Chapel Choirs in the town prompted its formation. It has also been stated that the new Choir is greatly injuring other Choirs. Now an emphatic contradiction must be given to both assertions' The Blue Ribbon Choir has exceeded all anticipations. It now numbers over 110 members, and yet every practice there are new applications for membership by young people possess- ing soprano and contralto voices. Like every other Choir in Penarth there is a lack of Tenors and Basses, and a cordial invitation is given to gentlemen of both voices to join, provided they are Total Abstainers. -0- The object of the Choir is to enlist the sympathies of young people in the Temperance Movement, and also to lead them to use the powers which God hath given them tofuither His Kingdom by singing to His glory, and also by assisting to win the drunkard and the profligate to Him who has said "no drunkard can enter the Kingdom of Heaven." The aims of the choir are high, and they can but praise God that they have already been used as bumble instruments in His service. I hope the opponents of the Blue Ribbon Choir will take these remarks kindly, and at once and for ever banish the idea that any unkind spirit prompted the establishment of the Choir, which is composed of representatives of almost every place of worship in the town' -0- On Tuesday last Mr George Carslake Thompson, chairman of the Penarth School Board, presided at a conference on Mission work in connection with the autumn meetings of the British and Foreign Unitarian Association. -0- Mr D. H. Edmunds, House, Insurance and Coal Agent, has removed his Office from High Street, to the corner of Glebe Street and Windsor Road, (over Mr Crossling's shop). For business purposes these premises will be far more suitable, as they will also be more central. The Blue Ribbon Choir entertainment announced to be given on the 27th November, has been postponed until the 4th December. Mr R. A. Lewis, Cogan, will give an exhibition of flash-light advertising in Cardiff, from St. John's r, School yard, on Saturday evening. -0- Monday next will be the day for receiving nomi- nations of candidates for the Penarth School Board. These must be delivered at the office of Mr Harris, Returning Officer, not later than 4 o'clock. The election will take place on the 15th inst. -0- The weather during the past week has been some- what fickle. The early part there were very severe frosts, and the brick ponds were coated vith ice. Tberoads on Tuesday morning were so slippery that one or two +1- i,„„3es roug '1 such a has ag A Scho( follow To-N 8 to 1 same words to those electors who are in favour of the Undenominational party. "Attend the meeting to- night and stick up for your rights. -0- The annual meeting of the Cogan Allotments Associ- ation will be held in the Board Schools, Cogan, on Monday evening next. The balance sheet will be presented and the election of cfficers for the ensuing year will take place. A gentleman hailing from Lancashire has been visiting Penarth this week, and has declared it to be the prettiest place he has ever visitsd. —o— Herr Pareezer has been much annoyed by the con- duct of a few youths who, having paid their threepences to attend his entertainments this week, have displayed their ignorance and devilry," and he has told them that he neither wants their presence nor their money. -0- A tea was given on Monday last, to the members of Arcot Street Wesleyan Choir, by the newly-elected conductor, Mr John Walker. After tea a social meet. ing was held, when rules were laid down for the future conduct of the choir. It is not intended to go in for any claborate performances, but to work for the improvement of the congregational singing. Mr Walker is a young man, and I understand this is the first position of the sort he has held, but,be has a good knowledge of musie, and is likewise greatly respected by the young people generally. -0- Mr E. A. Jones, who for several years :held the position of organist, at Arcot Street, has recently resigned, and Mr Bert. Hallett, whoTacted as deputy. has now been appointed to the premier position. Mr Hallett's previous experience has well qualified him for the post. He is a clever manipulator of the organ, and, like Mr Walker, i3 greatly respected. May the popularity of both these gentlemen increase. I wish them every success, land hope that the choir will become a great power for good.

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