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Penarth Liberal Association.





I MORRISTON V. PENARTH, I By ONE OF THE CROWD.] I The Morristonian match on Saturday was by no I means a brilliant or interesting exhibition. Of course I it was a win fcr Penarth—and a bigger win, in reality, I than the score shows, for the homesters held the upper I hand throughout the greater part of the game. But, I surely, those football enthusiasts who followed Pen- I arth last season, and who witnessed Saturday's match, I must have wished for some ot the old Parliamentary I hands, now conspicuous by their absence, for there is I no mistake about it, that the team which Penartb I could put in the field this time last year, would have I made short work with the visitors. I suppose, how- I ever, that we must console ourselves with the reflec- I tion that we can't always have them, and if we suffer I at the present time through the loss of brilliant men, I we are, as a club, by no means alone in this respect. I We should lecollect, too, when we consider the limited I population of Penarth, that it would be too much to I expect phenomenal excellence year after year. H Penarth re-arranged their third line on Saturday, I though how it will work out remains to be seen. Eli I Kirby and Heywood took the wing places, and Jack H Jones and Herby Morgan the centre. Eli made a H very favourable impression on Saturday; and certainly ■ no one can accuse him of want of pluck. That would, ■ indeed, in his case, be a most exasperating insult ■ —But Eli must exercise a little care, or in his ■ attempts to jump over men's heads, he may suddenly ■ terminate his career, like his scriptural namesake. ■ Never mind! He bad very hard lines on one or two ■ occasions in not scoring, and altogether, be gave pro- H mise of success. H The play at half on the part of Prole and George H Shepherd, has been very much talked about and H vaunted up to the skies but without wishing to detract from the merits of the two men in question —-both, players of Stirling ability-no one knows better than they do, that oa Saturday last, their play was, in reality, but a poor exhibition of what they iave done, and what they can do. Prole wag-not icariy so successful as usual in his working of the crimmag'c. He did no get the ball away anything z, I cl ke so often as one could wish. Partly, of course, via wap the hult of the Penarth forwards in not heel-1 ing out; but taking everything into consideration, and giving honour to whom honour i& due, Jere Edwards proved himself to be much smarter in some things. A very noticeable feature in the half back play was the number of times the home halves made off with the ball on their own account. Surely a little variation in tactics in the way of throwing straight out to the three-quarters would have a good effect. As it was, on Saturday, the the Morristonian halves seemed to tumble very easily to the play of the Penarth halves, and checkmated them many times. Let us hope that in the Llanelly match, the play behind the scrum will not be char- acterised by monotonous machine work of this kind and then the three-quater line will have more work to do. Of course, it is a splendid thing for the halves to go in for the five three game now and then, but to go in for it always, and always in the same way. is of precious little service. The Penarth forwards went to their work with a will, and anyone would think from the way they commenced business, that they were going to cart their opponents about the-field. They did not keep this up, but on the whole their play was good with the exception of a want of heeling out. Taking them as a whole, they are a smart lot. It is a great pity they are lacking iu avoirdupois. I Oid Stager, in writing of the match, says:— Penarth, who appear to have been unfortunate with regard to their players, managed to defeat a strong p 0 Morriston 15 by eight points to four Eli Kirby, a member of a family which seems to be always repre- sented in a local team, was given a trial on the wing, and his brother Charlie very creditably occupied the position of custodian. A couple of good forwards are still required to bring the team on an equality with some of the chief clubs they have to meet"



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