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-"«.-—"-'W'""..., Weekly Notes…


«. — -'W Weekly Notes by Quirquepip. The Editor does not holti himself responsible for any opinions expressed in these Notes. It is a source of gratification to know that the Public Bath's receipts for the past year are indicative cf a hope that if they continue pro rata the near future will see the abolition of the white elephant incubus. At the Baths Committee Meeting last Mon- day, presided over by Mr R. Bevan, the Surveyor reported that the receipts up to October 19, were X247 8s 9d, being an increment of f94 3s 8d over the corresponding period of last year. He further reported that the takings of the month ending the 19th inst, were X12 18s 6d. This hopeful outlook is doubtless due to the Councils politic concessions to the Penarth A. S. Club, and to the efficient manage- ment of the manageress of the Baths, Mrs Ccry, and her family- -8- The chaitmm of the Baths committee, with a keen eye to the ratepayers interest, was overheard last Monday to informally contend that the Baths could I this winter be utilised as a dancing saloon- Councillor Guy controverted this, and suggested vice the forma- ¡ tion of a gymnasium. Upon an appeal to the clerk it was found that its use under the Act could be diverted to only a gymnasium. I am pleased to note this question is not likely to remain in abeyance, and that there wiU be a practical outcome of these, sug- gestions which were advocated in these columns in the first instance. -0- This is too good to be lost. Time Last Saturday night. Scene Blake Benjamin's. Enter an indis- creet bibber-the antipodes of Oowper's illustration of the cup that cheers but not inebriates-who hiccoughed that it would not be misplaced charity to help a pore blind mai-i. Why, you are not blind," j says his interlocutor. "No, but my pore old father is," replied the old sinner. o- Penarth's peranially thirsty souls have formed another club whither they can resort ad lib. Phoenix- like, the Salisbury Conservative Club has risen from the ashes of the Clive Conservative Club, Windsor Road. Has the project lor building an entirely new n y club next to the Di-trier Council's Office been aban- doned ? We shall see what we shall see. I -0- Throughout this year's phenomenally fine weather the blot pictorially on Penarth's 'scutcheon has been the Churchyard. God's acre" ^Longfellow said he liked that ancient Saxon phrase,) has peculiar attrac- tions, not only to residents, but visitor?—perchance- because our sorrow for the dead is the only grief from which we refuse to be divorced—and for this reason, combined also with its elevated position- the parish graveyard is a. favourite rendezvous. Its unkempt wilderness state has been most strongly animadverted upon, and in fact is a down-right parish scandal. I -0- Mr Solomon Andrews, our enterprising townsman, has now purchased not only Dr Moynan's late residence but also that of Dr Nell's, and the house adjoining. Shops will be erected on these sites. The venture looks lucractive- -0- A coincidence is that of our eight medicoes, all, save one live in one road- Councillor W-L- Morris, J.P., was recently paid an unwitting compliment at the police court. The age of a certain pup beiug disputed, Mr Morris con- ferred with his colleague, Mr L. Wood, who informed the person summoned for keeping this dog without a license, that he might bring the animal before the Bench for the latter to decide the question of puppy- dom or dogdom. The owner departed 'gleefully, and indulged in keep-awaydom. Next week, however, when Mr Morris was absent, be turned up. c- A crowd of unusual dimensions bad assembled in i Glebe Street last Sunday night, soon after ChapeH J" time. Just as one expected to hear a "Concord of Sweet sounds," blaring forth from the Salvation Army Band, Mr Blake Benjamin came along and the crowd filed into his shop. The great Unpaid at the local Police Court, are oft laggards in dispensing justice and injustice- On Wednesday last, 11 o'clock arrived before even one or a quorum could be pressed into the service. Finally at 12,15, after scouring the district and wiring to Cardiff, Mr Howell put in an appearance and all the cases had to be either adjourned or remanded- -0- The Cogan allotees are in a quandary. They have spurned the Councils' offer, sought the good offices of the County Council, and finally got nothing. illo,al Ingratitude brings its own reward, -0- A well known local knight of the chip whispered to me last week. I- What price the Union men working on the Plassey Street Tabernacle under a Price ?" (D.G.)

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