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[Revolting Charge Against a, late. At the Penarth Police Court on Wednesday, before Mr Howell, Mary Joy, aged 10 years 5 months, daughter of Jame3 Jov5 44, Maughan Street, Penart,n deposed that she was in company on the 22nd inst., ih a Jane in Salop Place, with Kate Little, when the prisoner, Richard Edward Alhne, a man of about 50 years, spoke to her, Katie Little and two other children these latter being younger than either she or her playmate. The prisoner asked them to come with him to see some pictures. All of them went. He then put his hand uo all our clothes and told us to be quiet and he would give us sixpence. lie also said he had 7 or 8 children. He was kneeling down en one knee. Katie L'ttle was standing upagaiqstthe wall, and the prisoner first her. We saw the assaulted picture before we went with him. The one he gave Katie Little she tore up (indecent picture book produced). Further q estioning elicited that the pri-"ner did "ot hurt her. Prisoner s' a'ed that he Lad never seen the witness 'before in his L e. Mary Joy, however, maintained she was puite sure he was the man. Katie Little was next examined and said she was 8 years old, and her father was Thomas Little, of 25, Maugha-n Street- She corroborated in every detail, the previous witness's account, and added that he opened bis dres, told her to touch his person, and furthermore enjoined her not to tell her mother. The picture was that of a little girl. The prisons r, asked if he bad any questions to put, replied lie had no occasion to do so, as he had never seen them before in his life. James Joy detailed how his daughters came home and complained of their treatment, and be, in company -with Mary, went in search of prisoner, who was ident- ified by bet at t1 e bottom of Glebe Street, about 7.20 the same evening. He gave him into custody, Alline said nothing iu his ( witness's) hearing, was not pres- ent when ptisoner was charged. When prisoner saw them COnÚ[¡i"" (i.e., him and his daughter), he walked quickly away. There was a dock boatman in com- pany with him when his daughter walked round both of them for the purpose of identification. Pris0ner :-The statement is false. Alliiie, howover, did not elect to interrogate. P.C. Keevil slated that from the information of James Joy, he proceeded to arrest Alline, who :was walking smartly towards the Dock. He, however, overtook him, told him he wanted him for indecent assault in Stanwell Place, and took him into custody. Witness noticed that the long coat prisoner was wearing had some dnton just immediately over the left knee. .Arriving it the Station, the two girls, Joy and Little, said that's the man who put his hand under our clothes. Prisoner made no remark. Kate Little said H That's the man who did it." This was said in the jbsaring of the prisoner. I then charged him with attempting to commit an indecent assult on one, Mary Joy and Kate Little, about 6 o'clock that evening, at the back entrance to some houses in Stanwell Place. I cautioned him, and prisoner said he had never seen the little girls in his life. The picture book was found near the police station by P.C. Kear (308). In the presence of the two little girls that morning be showed the prisoner the book. Both of the girls said «, That's the man who showed us the book and pro- mised us sixpence. Mary Joy further added that 3Cate Little had one of them and broke it up. The Clerk Do you know what this man is ? P.C. Keevil: 2nd Mate, The Captain came to the Station this morning and in the presence of the Inspector, said, About the book business again, the same as in Barcelona," or words to that effect. Prisoner denied that the book was his. P.C. Kear testified to finding the book as he was cleaning a p. It was between the gate and the wall. P.C. Keevil, re-examined, said the prisoner kept his Mtband in his pocket all the way dowm High Street, and when the witness wa-3 opening the gate opposite the Windsor Hotel, he noticed that the prisoner's band -wn-, out of I is pocket. He could easily have then chopped the book. The pridoner did not controvert the evidence, and essayed no interrogation. The various evidence was read over, individually signed, and the prisoner, after hearing the charge against him, contended that he bad never seen the children before in his life till at the Station on Tuesday Ðigbt, when he was charged. He had just previously to the pest office for the purr os of sending £ 10s to his wife and family in Liverpool, Mr Harry Lewis, of the Ship Hotel, was called by special request of Allinf" and stated that the latter called at his house about 6.45 p'm. and left about 7.30 p.m. the fame night- (Tuesday) The prisoner was committed to the next Assizes- ANOTHER REVOLTING CHARGE.. John Williams, a labourer about 19, was charged criminally asaulting Mary Vizard, aged 6, on 'foe 2lst inst., at Pen mark. 'i¡e 21st i;:¡st., at Evidence was adduced that the prisoner had attempted the offence, and the scratches on the girl's thigh and abdomen, together with torn underclothing-, .0 1 n op t=:.=. were confirmatory of the attempted carnal outrage. The child's mother testified to undressing her the same evening and finding unusual marks about the lower portion of the trunk. Medical testimony proved that there had been no penetration. The prisoner was committed to the next Assizes.

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