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The Oldest Established Pork Butcher in Penarth £ RICHARD GUY, Wholesale nd lietail Pork Butcher, Ham and Bacon (Jurer, and Pork Sausage Manufacturer, 93, GLEBE STREET, PENARTH, AND 103, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK TRY OUR NOTED POFK PIES. 84d. PER LF. ANY SIZE MADE TO ORDER. I LL A M 1" PATENT MALT BREAD. (ROYALTY SECVliltDii T WALKER Family Grocer and Confectioner JVlaughan Terrace & 56 Windsor Road FEN ARTE BREAKFAST-SUPPEIL, 1E P P S ) S I GRATEFUL—COMFORXJNa. COCOA I OA j ■,VV'1"' <Zurf3widmb6 WATCHES ire the Best Value, the Strongest, most Durable, and Finest Timekeepers ever made, TESTIMONIALS FROM THOUSANDS of Owners now using them in all parts of the world. Made on an Improved System. I Not liable to failure, giving Extra Strength, greater freedom from secidentw(, Reduced Cost of Manufacture. LADY'S "LUDGATIE" WATCH Cheapest and Beu Ev f. h Liver ever tnade at th i ce. In Silver Cases In 18ct. Gold Ca-r,, Best London made Three-quarter Plate English Lever, fully Jewelled, Chronometer Balance, Enlarged Barrel. Patent Dust and Damp Proof Ring Band. Specially recommended for ladies' wear, An 1, Timekeeper Tnpusands haw sola Pi !) ,r 3^1 ■Ory.^rnJ {iL:i! Sen.. f .#1 V; 'J 4 "S-tfllAir IKffi ,'i. 'j The Strongest, Best, and Chwiwst. iinglisn Level ever made for £ 5 5s. Unequalled for Accuracy, Durability, and Value. In Silver Cases In 18oc-Gold Gase^ 'j;¡;1 1; London made Three-quarter Plato i. lishLever, Jewelled throughout, M.i nometer Balance, Enlarged Barrel, *>t» nt Dust and Proof Hin¡! B tad. better;han, and is double the • -S-re-agth and Value of any £ 5 5s. Watch yet made. In 'I'lireeSizes. Small (as illustrated) f-w G l'-men and Youths. Medium for Working Met tene. ,iily, and Lar o for Minors and Hallway men. In i,i St,'>r];ng Silver Cases, with Orvst-l Gla.96 5 Cs. In 18ct. Gold Cryatal Glass Case* Gentlemen's r,;c. i-Lz 12s. T'c. J )nuance warranted. TESTIMONIALS frog, "IIOUSANDS of WEARERS. free and safe to all parts of the world. c!Wí1MMulZ' Will send the above Watches, together with Warranty for correct performance, to any pari of the world, free and at his risk, on receipt 01 P.O.O., payable at G.P.O., Bank Draft, or Cash. LOCKS for the house, of every kind, in great variety and of the newest designs, from £ 1 to "00. CHURCH and TURRET CLOCKS.- Estimates and advice free. Just completed the Great Clocks for Portsmouth Town Hall, Ashton-uader Lyne Parish Church, and many others LATE, both for presentation anJ. household niolS. In Sterling Silver and Electru Viikw in* prettiest patterns and best quality. .\t 14 prices. < tBWfiLLBRY, in fine Gems m* V\m Gol.1 oi J best,London make; Many i.UottjauJ-i o at manufacturers' prices. ENQAQBMENTBtNa-, Irt rtiatamrfeiv „,t with the finest Gems, ami >f i■, mi ,a tU. » "Speciality" Brilliant R>a-«, £ 10 and Beleebons free on hi-eipr oi f^terciloH OfeNSON'S IsAM^HL 31". the large# m fcWt I j near^ 300 PWOi Priori 1