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GMt-Chit. BY RAMBLING TOMMY. The proposal has been made to change the name of the PeDai-th Boat Club to The Penarth Yacht Club." One would like to see yachting- more popular in the Bristol Channel. Perhaps this proposal marks the beginning of a new era. There can be no special reason why yachting should be the peculiar preserve of Eastern and Southern waters. -0- The Stanwell Road Baptist Chapel Anniversary will be held on Sunday (To-morrow-) -0- Some of our British Women have this week been showing thuir ability to conduct public meetings. What they have had to say, has been well said. Many men who occupy such positions, might have learnt some good lessons. -0- Mrs Powell compared the position of a chairman or a chairwoman, to an accompanist. People want to hear the singer, not the accompanist, and if the accompaniment was too loud, there was a feeling of dissatisfaction, and so people wanted to hear the lecturer, and not the one who occupied the chair. Her speech was brief, to the point and practical. -0- It is a dangerous practice to let off fireworks in a place of business. A stray spark might cause a huge conflagration. -0- It seems prcbablo that no steps will be taken to provoke a School Board contest by the Nonconformists of Penarth. Those who were loudest in their condem- nation of someof the sitting members, have now, for ertain reasons, I am informed, taken a baek seat. < The "midnight minstrels" paid a visit to the Esplanade again on Wednesday evening, and sang to the delight of a goodly company. « 0 The Blue Ribbon Choir have decided upon an Entertainment on Wednesday, the 27th November. It is hoped they will be assisted by the Penarth Temperance Handbell Ringers. The next practice will be held on Sunday afternoon in the Presbyterian Schoolroom aud on Wednesday, the Federation meet- ing will be held in the same room. -0- I am pleased to note that Mr E. B. Riley, of Cogan, has obtained a patent foi an improved slide door lock. Everyone knows the trouble and annoyance frequently caused by the screws of the handles of the old- fasluoued lock working out, throwing tke spindle out, and making the lock practically useless. In this new patent provision is made against knobs or spindles getting out of order. These canuot get loose except deliberately broken by a hammer, or the lock taken to pieces. The spindle goes right through the bolt of the lock, and is perfectly secure. The whole arrange- ment is so simple that almost the youngest child is able to work it. It will shortly be put upon the mar- ket. and then we anticipate it will be very speedily brought into general use. —0— The Right Rev Dr' Anderson, Lord Bishop of Reverina, Western Australia, will preach at St Augustines' Church, on Sunday morning next, and at St. Paul's Church in the evening. His Lordship is brother to our esteemed townsman, Mr T. H. Ander. soo, Clive Road. As an indication of the protracted summer experi- enced, a ripe and sound strawberry was picked on Tuesday last in the garden adjoining the Panpi,tb Police Station, by Inspector Roberts. It will interest the inhabitants of Penarth and district to learn that the Rev, W. Pedr Williams of London, is engaged to lecture at Andrews' Hall, on Wednesday, November 6th, on "James Russel Lowell -Poet-Patriot-and Prophet." Mr Williams is well known as one of the most powerful and eloquent lecturers of the day, and will doubtless provide a rich literary treat. The floral emblem of the World's W.C.T.U. is the water-lily. The roots of this blossom are in the mud, but its white radiance comes from its passion for the sunshine; and the home finds in it a true emblem, because only as the sunshine of love and truth keeps its atmospkere wholesome and pure, can little children hope to grow up according to the law of God.


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