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FOOTBALL. ^1 i" (By ONE O? THE CROWD). THE NEATH MATCH The Neath match of Saturday last, has been the main topic of the week in football circles, and so much has been said and written on the subject, that the Neath men must certainly fMl uncomfortable at the notoriety which they have at last attained. All right minded persons lament the abrupt and regretta- ble termination of the match, and the unhappy incidents which followed, and all agree that, if referees meet with the same treatment as the Penarth Secretary met with at the hands af a howling mob, we will soori be unable to get gentlemen to undertake duties of so dangerous a character. The matter has come before the rugby Union by this time, or rather it has been reported to that body, and the Neath officials and crowd will soon find that they cannot do exactly as they please, even with referees whom they almost force to adjudicate. Mr Dewar did not visit Neath with the intention of being referee. Mr Gwynn, the appointed referee, failed to turn up owing to the serious illness of his brother, and it was only to oblige the Neath people that the Penarth Secretary undertook the thankless duties of Judge- The Neath crowd are a warm lot generally, but it seems, on Saturday last, the very fact that the Sec- retary of the team they 'were playing against was refereeing, to have acted as a red rag' to a bull, and before the game was many minutes old, they began to give vent to their displeasuje by frequent hoots and howls. At half time the Neath officials wished to stop the match, but the referee refused on the ground that if he agreed to do so, the crowd would think that he really acknowledged that he had been giving a helping hand to his own team. No amount of bluff and intimidation would move him, and he stood to his guns. Matters got worse as the match went on, and when it wanted about two min- utes to time the Neath crowd again tried by intimi- dation, the Neath official actually walking on the field followed by the crowd, and putting a stop to the play. The other chapters of the history need not be re-written. Suffice it to say that the Neath men will soon have to answer for their unsportmanlike pro- ceedings. Right or wrong, partial or impartial, the' referee was the one responsible man, and the Union will soon show that he should have been protected and supported in carrying out duties which were not of his own seeking. In the interests of the game, the judges to whom Mr Dewar has reported his case; will not fail to stand by him. THE COVENTRY MATCH. Penarth will not take a full team to Coventry- Prole and Jack Alexander, will probably be absent, and these vacancies will be filled by men froUl he. seconds.

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