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Windsor Road flongregational ClmTclL 0 HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICES. On Sunday last the annual harvest thanksgiving services In connection with the abore place of worship took place The Church was very prettily decorated with emblems of the glorious, yet pensive season. Conspicuous amongst these was an immense loaf of bread which attracted general attention. A wealth of fruits and vegetables impressed us with the lavish manner with which & gracious Providence supplies the needs of mankind. Large congregations assem- bled both morning and evening and listened attentive- ly to two powerful discourses delivered by the Pastor, the Rev. J. Gwilym Jones. The subjects chosen by the preabber were very appropriate to the occasion. His text in the morning was" Give us this day our daily bread," on which he based an instructive' — 11 address. His evening theme could not have bein more happily chosen. It was 44 The lessons of the Harvest field." Those cited were au t icipation, perse- verence, and courage. It was a sermon long to be remembered, and we only wish it had been possible for every young man in Penarth to have heard it. It was brim full of encouragement, not to a weak, namby- pamby, sentimental, snivelling religion, but to that muscular and manly Christianity which is, alas, so rare, but, so greatly to be desired in this age. A very enjoyable service was held in the afternoon special for young people, at which, Mr Wyatt addresgp'd? those present. His visit was greatly appreciated. We cannot close this notice without mentioning in terms of warmest praise the musical portions of the services. These were likewise of a special character, and we have seldom, if ever, heard-such excellent singing in this Church. Jackson's -'To Den!n was siinr in the morning, and in the evening, S ainer's beautiful- and ever welcome Harvest Anthem. -1 Ye shall dwell in the land," was rendered. The bass work in this anthem, which is very prominent, ws excelleutiy ren- dered. The tenor, we noticed, was rather weak, but this is doubtless due to the fact that this choir suffers, like most others, from the dearth of those rare, but silvery-voiced gentlemen. the tenors. The Doxology sung after the Benediction proved a fit till cloiie to an interesting and successful day. Profe^eor G. C. Howell, the organist of the Church, presided at the organ at all the services, and trained the choir.


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