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Correspondence. PENARTH DISTRICT COUNCIL. To the Editor of the Penarth Chronicle. SIR.—Every week and month that passes by with the Penarth Chronicle" giving us the doings of the Penarth District Council, at their different meetings, further convinces me of tha utter folly of the Rate- payers in electing Farmers, Builders, and Estate Agents on the Council to represent them, of wbic the present Council is largely composed. I should like to know Mr Editor, in what way do the Hate- payers expect persons to champion their cause when vital case comes before the Council, touching Rate- payers and Estate. Do the Ratepayers ever expect that any of those individuals named are going to stand up in the Council and defend the Ratepayers as against the Estate? I should not think so, Mr Editor if they think anything of their prosperity. What price farmers Morgan or Rees, getting up in the Council and defending the Ratepayers against the Estate, or any of the builders. Ob, by the bye, what has become of Farmer Rees since his election on the Council, has he gone abroad on the con'inent? has he attended the Council meeting three times; Was be only shoved in on the Council, for shoved he was, to act as a stop gap to someone else, who would have been of some service on the Council; but there, I suppose his presence is only required there when there is anything on respecting the Estate, so it doesn't matter. Sir, I see by an account of a meeting of would be alotment holders, at Cogan, in your last week's issue, that nothing short of indignation was hurled against this combination of Farmers, Builders, and Estate agents, for the apathy and indifference that they had shown towards the deputation of working-men that have waited upon them in trying to get some land for allotment purposes. Said those Estate Ambassadors to the deputation, My Lord says you can't have the land, so there is an end of it." So much for the Penarth District Council as at present constituted. Working men prepare youe- selves for the next election of the Penarth District Council. Yours truly, DEMOCRAT.

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