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Penarth Police Coilrlj. -


Penarth Police Coilrlj. Before Major Thornley (Chairman) and Mr W. B. Gibbs The adjourned case against Fredrick Cheesman for keeping a dog sine license came up again- The defendant did not appear but deputed his landlady to pay 7/6. The Bench, however, would not accept the proxy and issued a warrant for Cheesman's arrest. Charles Martin for a similar offence contended that lais dog was a minor, and William Deacon who bred the pup averred it was born on April 1st., last. To determine this moot point, the owner was requested to bling his canine friend to the Court for dental purposes, which was done and after the animals ivories had been exhibited Major Thornley dismissed the case, telling the owner to get out a license at once. "I've got one," said Martin. Mary Kidney, a widow, although she asseverated that the dog belonged to her son who was gone to sea, was nevertheless fined 7/6, the magistrates' clerk, Mr Morris, Sen, remarking that she, herself, was liable if the dog was kept by her, and at her house. Jeremiah Lynch was again summoned for unwisely propitiating Bacchus. Jerry, however, sosaid his wife, had gone to Barry the preceding night to join a ship. Adjourned. Arthur Nicholson was charged with stealing three pieces of timber, from Messrs Alexander, Penarth Pock, valued 9d. Electing to be dealt with summarily and not by jury be pleaded guilty. Nothing previ- ously being recorded against the prisoner, he was fined 10. and costs, or to undergo imprisonment for Beven days. Mary Ann Hayes pleaded guilty to being recently drunk in Penartb. The constable who arrested her said hot had a deuce of a job" to get her to the station. With the other conviction against her she was fined 7/6, with Severn <?ays alternative. For causing an obstruction in Glebe Street on August 31st, William Bridge, a Cardiff hawker, was fined 5/- or to suffer seven days. John Dare, a native of Hereford by his brogue was charged with mendicity at Barry the previous day, and caused some diversion by recounting that he was utterly oblivious of what was alleged against him. H You ran into house after house," said the constable. II Oh dear, oh dear, I am sorry I did that, but I can't remember such a thing, as I bad a drop or two in me." Dismissed with a caution.

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