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Oh For a Life in the Open…


Oh For a Life in the Open Air. Ob for a life in the open air, Away from the smoke and the din From the rush of feet and the gaslight's glare, From Babylon's folly and sin. From the greed of gold and the lust of fame, From street after street, close and drear, From the dark blacK river of foulest shame With its thousands of victims each year. Oh! for a life in the open air, Where the breezes that blow full and free, Are laden with scent from God'" garden fair, Or sayour'd with salt from the sea. Where the hedges are gay with the hawthorn and rose, And the hillsides are gra&sy and green Where the meadows are vhite with the daisy that blows, And the sunlight illumines each scene. Oh for a life in the open air, V In a wood, where the coolness and calm Seem to quiet at once the canker of care, And our bitterest hates to disarm Where the grief-stricken heart and the overwrought brain A solace and refuge can find Where the soul is inspired to battle again By the trumpet-toned song of the wind. Oh for a life in the open air, By mountain or moorland or sea With one sweet companion my pleasures to share, With one heart that beats but for me. Then the wrongs I have suffer'd, the pains I have borne, The sorrow and trouble and care, Shall vanish like mist at th3 breaking of morn, When I liv, inbe pure open air J. W. NICOl"

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