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Notes and Comments. 'Ii'--


Notes and Comments. 'Ii' THE necessity for a temperance hall is being very sorely felt by the various societies in Penarth, and the leaders of the temperance cause feel this so Strongly that it is almost certain that steps will be I immediately taken for the securing of a sight which has been offered for the purpose. The members of the B. W.T.A. have passed a resolution pledging them- selves to do all in their power to further the work, the Good Templars ara also pledged to co-operate, and at the next meeting ot the Federation Committee the question, in all probability, will be fully discussed. It has been suggested by a few that the formation of a Company for the purpose would be the best means for the effectual carrying out of the scheme, but opinian is not at all unanimous on this point, and from observation and past experience, we are led to the belief that it would be better to accomplish the work by means of public subscriptions. This would give a new impetus to temperance work; enthusiasm would be aroused and should the hall yield a profit, all the societies would, Llo -in extent, reap the benefit. The establishment of the Total Abstinence Federation has forced this question upon the attention of all who take an active part in temperance work. for the simple reason that all being federated together, all are r, cl interested. It is impossible, at the present time, to carry on the work- of the Federation effectually, because there is no independent room for meetings available. Andrews' Lesser Hall is engaged on Wednesday nights by a dancing class, and the pro- prietors will not let the large hall for a permanency- thus the work is crippled. It is satisfactory to note that the various Nonconformist schoolrooms are avail- able, but a society established on unsectarian lines, needs an unsectarian place in which to meet. Tem- perance sentiment has not been so strong in Penarth for very many years, and now is the time when the long-cherished hope of many of our temperance warriors seems likely to be realised. With a strong pull, and a pull all together, the work will be effec- tually carried out. AT the Temperance meeting on Wednesday night, one of the speakers referred to the doing away with public houses. She did uot approve of the idea. but rather the ridding them of the drink Public houses she declared a necessity, where young men and others might assemble for social intercourse and recreation, and this opens up a very large and important matter, which will have to be looked in the face. and dealt 1 with in the near future: At the present time there is no such house in Penarth, neither, iudeed, a.re they to be found only in one or two of our large towna. We I grant that in Penarth there are houses in which young men congregate, but these are conducted more for the gain of the proprietors than for the good of those who meet togethei, or for the promotion of the Temperance cause, and it is an o-pen secret that in one or two of them things are-permitted which do not im prove the morals of those who are the frequenters. In days wb:cb are past we have been thieate»ed with legal proceedings because we have dared to make' such a (barge, although we have not located these houses, but such threats will never deter us from doiug I our duty. A certain class of the young men of our town are surrounded with temptations, and it behoves those who are the leaders of our Christian churches and Temperance societies to face the evils, and do all that can be done to lift up the fallen and save others from falling. We see many young men suffering from the leprosy of drunkenness; they are going on from bad to worse; each step they take carry them lower down the social scale. Are the temperance reformers of our town going to look upon them, like the Priest and Levite, of whom we read, and of whom Mrs Barney spoke, and then pass by on the other side ? The Total Abstinence Federation lifeboat has been launched. It will not be placed out of sight because it has no work-because thert are 110 lives to be rescued. There are hundreds in Penarth who are worse than shipwrecked. Drunkards' graves are being opened for their reception. To the rescue! Bend to your oars! Throw out the life-line ===== )

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