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U hit-Chit.


U hit-Chit. BY RAMBLING TOMMY. A large Diill hall is about to be erected on land at the back of Mr David Morgan's house, Stan well Road This hall will alo be available for large meetings, bazaars, balls, &c. The present drill hall in High street, will shortly b3 pulled down. 0 0 0 At the Penarth Police Court a fortnight ago, a Cosjan lady was ordered to pay a fine of 2/6 for not Sending her child to school regularly, but as an inducement to the child's more regular attendance, the chairman said if there was no absence recorded during- the next month, the finc-j wonld bp remitted. Attend- ance officers report to the School Board, on Friday last "Not raissed since." 0 0 0 The Cogan Park! Ah, yes; happy thought. I fancy that the Rev. F. E. Witliams and Mr Riley have already selected the ground, and if they have. they'll get it—if possible. Is it the old brick yard "with its large number of lakes ? ooo- Mi W. L. Morris is in favour of the amalgamation of the Penarth and Cogan School Boards' because he brieves in the teaching of Scripture Bear ye one anothers burdens." 0 0 0 The School rate for the parishes of Cogan and n Llandough for the next half year will be 10id in the £ The precept was issued last Friday night. ooo ft was hinted that the Penarth School Board election is to be fought on the amalgamation question. Look out for the posters—" Vote for-and amal- gamation. 0 0 0 The Rev. F. E. Williams:—" The Penarth Chronicle is quite on eye opener." ✓ 0 0 0 In the absence of Mr J. F, Proud from the Cogan School Board meeting on Friday last, the members m took the opportunity of saying some very kind things a out him. 0 0 0 Next Tuesday and Wednesday the ladies of the B.W.T.A. will hold high revel. They are going it rather strong. About 200 persons have been invited to a tea on Tuesday afternoon in Andrews' hall, and on Wednesday ;ii'teriiot)ti a socizil iiieetiiig will be held the president having issued about 300 invitations. Public meetings will also be held each evening, and the Blue Ribbon Choir will siug qn appropriate selec- tion of music. The platform will be decorated with tl > ivers, plants, and white ribbon The ladies are attempting great things, and expecting great things, and I hope they will not be disappointed 0 0 0 Tt.e proverb aays :— One ploughs, another sows, vVho will reap, no one knews.' Yes," I heard a man say a few days ago, to whom I read this proverb, I have ploughed and I have sowed but another has come along- and reaped for the benefit of one that has done nothing." I 000 (< Do you think, Professor," said a musically ambi- tious youth, J4 that I can do anything with my ,oiee 1" Well," was the cautions reply, "it may come in handy to holler in case tf fire." 0 0 0 About a dozen young men assembled on Perarth Esplanade, opposite the Hotel, on Wednesday night and sang a number of well known hymns and melodies In the quiet of ;the night the singing sounded very nice, and soon there was a goodly number of persons gathered round. Perhaps the most. effective piece was 11 Lead kindly Light." After walking up the hill, and through Plymouth Road, they made a stop by the railway station, and sang, '-God be with you till we meet again/' aud then separated. I understand that on next Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, the party will again sing on the Esplanade. o I understand that the old organ from St. Augus- tine's Church is now fixed up in St. Paul's Churchy where it will be formally opened on Sunday next. Tne singing in this church is hearty and congregational, and the congregation is almost ent,irely composed of working men and their families. 0 a Q Will the members of the Blue Ribbon Choir please note that the practices will, in future. be held on Sunday afternoons, at four o'clock, in the Presbyterian School-room, Plassey Street.

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