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Correspondence. A FAITHFUL COUNCILLOR, To the Editor of the Penarth Chronicle Slp.Permit me to bring one fact to the notinp of the Electors of the South division of Penarth, which phould in my estimation, make them proud of Councillor Jotham as their representative on the Glamorganshire County Council, and to cling- to him as such closer than ever. He stood for the first time as a candidate for this honour, when a vacancy occurred on the Council, through the lamented death of Mr J, P* Jones and he was thon, as at the subse- quent ordinary election, retat-tied unopposed. Though an advanced Liberal in politics, Mr Jotham has had each time a quiet walk over to a seat on the Council. I This in itself is very clear evidence that he is highly respected and admired by the party opposed to his political views as a gentleman qualified in every respect to fill the office, and perform its onerous duties in a fair and just manner. Indeed it is an open secret that the most influential Conservatives were desirous he should have a seat on the Council* Now let me come to the fact already referred to. Last Saturday morning, a deputation from the Riverside Ward of the Cardiff County Borough, and from the Liberal Committee, approached Mr Jotham, to ask him to take the place of Councillor Noah Rees, who bad definitely decided not to seek re-election. Now it should be remembered, that this is the sceond time for this same Ward to ask him to stand for a seat on the Cardiff Council, since the time he has been repre- senting the South Division of Penarth on the County Council- It must have beep a very tempting offer to Mr Jotham to have a seat on the Council of the town, where he has a large business establishment, and where he is so highly thought of and honoured. He was very strongly pressed by the deputation, who pointed him to the fact which augmented that pres- sure, that there was a great desire not only on the part Df his old colleagues on the Cardiff County Council, hut by his fellow-townsmen g-enerally that he should again have a seat at that board. What was Mr Jotham's reply to the request of the deputation ? He told them he felt they had highly complimented him yet after the honour his consti. tuents at Penarth had conferred upon him, by returning him unopposed on two occasions, he could not conscientiously comply with their request. He felt he had a duty to perform, to his present consti- tuents, and it would be the height of ungratefulness for him to turn his back upon them and seek a seat on the Cardiff County Council. Now iu declining the honour the Cardiff deputation desired to confer on our able Councillor, he has given a renewed proof lof his faithfulness to his present constituents, and there is no doubt that as long as they slmll have confidence in him, he will reciprocate that confidence by always doing his best for them, by watching over their interests on the Council Board. And when the proper time comes, we have no hesitation in believing the electors of the South Divisions shall again give Mr Jotham an undeniable proof of their appreciation of his services and labours as their representative. Yours truly, ADMIRER. WEEK OF SELF DENIAL. To The Editor of the Fenarih Chronicle. t DEAR SIR.-Allow me on behalf of the local corps of the Salvation Army to thank the public of Penarth for the very liberal manner in which they responded to our appeal on behalf of our Self Denial fund. We asked for £ 20; that amount has been a little more than realized, the sum received to present being X20 78 Od. Of course, towards this amount, our own people have contributed a considerable sum. Yours respectfully, T. G.. S.M. For Captain Wood. PENARTfl LIFE-BOAT. To tke Editor of the Penarth Ghronicle. 0SAR SIR.-Do ra, the favour to inform the people of Penarth why a Brittisher is not able to take the command of a Life Boat as well as a foreigner. Signed. JEREMIAH LYNCII. DOUGLAS MEDQUGAL. HUGH KILLY. T. W. WILLIAMS. Cardiff Pilot No 59 5,. St. Augustine's Road, Penarth. J. WILLIAM^ VV. PALFERY, T. RITTEL F. WE&T, J LlfTfcrEi J MITCHELL. J

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