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FOOTBALL. 1 ?tX\ FIXTURES 1 1895.96. I La.'e Versaa. Hesuh ¡ Sept. 14 "berga\'t'nny H Wou ,,21 KbbwVaie H Won „ 28 Pontvinciie A Won Oct. 5 WeUrngton H Drawn 12 Neatli A „ 1'.) Coventry A „ 26 I?!o!'tiston H ?ov 2j L!n.eUy H" J! 9 Aberavon H „ 16 Newport A 23 Bl.¡tol A 30 SWilIlSe!\ II Dec. 7 P/intypridd H ,,14 L!aneMy A „ 21 Cardiff A „ 26 Devonport.AIb!oa A ?8 WeUu?toQ A Jan. 4 Bath H 11 Newport H .„ I K "an:-en A „ 2.5 ?<-othi.dv.W?!e& Cdiff Feb. NeKth R Feb. NeKth R „ 8 Ahergavenny A „ ]5 Morristou A 22 BriaLoi H 29 Bath A Mtuch 7 Cardiff H j, J 4 Pcntymoile M „ 2 J Giouct'f.ef A Aberavou A Apni a ii 4 Plymouth A „ 6 Ha:')!st!tp)e A 1 ¡ Pontvpridd A 18 H (By ONE OF THE CROWD). ADISAPPOINTINGMATCn. Amoreunenjoyableor disappointing mátch than that which Penarth played wttb Weliiugton oo Saturday last, it wculd be diCJcu!t to conceive. In the first place the weather was anything but ideal, Cold wind and driving rain, and a consequent state of ground, which militated against t'oo'ba! In the eecuni p!ace, the WeHingtoniar.sdid not play up to 0 y tepute. Taking them altogether, they did not stride one as being a particularly btiHiant tot. Mermagen, Merry, and Disney, were the only three men who gave a rea!!y effective displny. The forwards woe a fine lot cf men it is true, buf- they were certainly not as good as the homesters. They showed no great amount or dexterity in lieeli! ot)t, or any great skil! or ,Rm&rt work an the open. The tèam, as a whole, jacked il)ed"b and devi) nonjbinmion of the Bf1m- Stan'e lot, who visited here last l'{'aSOIJ. Cett:T.in]y they did not play up to the traditions of ttteirctvb and a sorry tIgure they would have cut if pitted against Newpor!. Disappointing, too, in the third pince, was the lac' t'at Penarth did not win. A tam which has )h<; whip in iiand nght through, should win bandg dawn. And this wag the case with f enarth. The visitors went off with a rush at ihe and rtayed well for a few minutes, but tlif,y were never really once dangerous durnjg the whote g!<me. On the other hand, Pcnarth had chance after chanct', and out of a tnuDit'ide of Opportunities, they oniy succeeded iu scoring a solitary try. WHY PENARTH DID NOT \VIK. j are the cxp!anstions put forwnrd to account for not winning. The bimne ba, bekii hid on the weather, the greasy state of the ba.!l we a'e hid was the &o!e canae of want: of sèori!g' I power. This explanation is'feasible to a certain extent or.Iy. If the day had been nsp, Penarth would have won x-i'host doubt. B(it, ke must tah7e tbiners ö a-a we m:d them, &nd remembej', that the weather w(}uld a)(.o rniiibte against the visitora What is tiauce ic-i! tiia g, oose ia sauce fo the gander"—The fact: e.ft,he matter is, Penarth shüuld have won casilv, the wet notwithstanding, and the real causes of their comparative failure were bad passing, fumbling the bat', general want of combination, and bad tactica. The .rwards piayed a aterling g&n'e, as a wbote, and were certain]? masters of their opponents. They heeled out beati,tfully, and Prole time after time got the bal! most cleverIF, but when he parted with it- that'was the Bnisu, aud the attempt at playing the passing game oùly restated in the loss of ground after each attempt made by the third line to get into motion. The ba! certainly, was greasy but the men were palpably at tbeif worst and coutd do nothing in the way of dodging and passing. The game, there- fore, should have beerf madd a forward one and good dribbling, rushing, a0d !ong kicks into touch wou!d have pruducbd.<a. different result. THE PLAYERS. Uh&riey Kirhy did his work fairty we! but he wa on!y a moderate substitute for Clemence whose power- fut kicking would have been of real service. George 0 el Shepherd, notwithstanding the f<tct that he scored) playd very indifferent)y. He never varied his tactics. Rcuud the same side of the scrum ha rushed time after time and withahnost invariabty the same result, It was quite & pathetic sight to see the br&ve man struggiing against his fate and being Roared every time. Merry was his guardian angeL If ho I had onty played up to his usuat btiniaut style, 9.nd rut in as lie usaaUy does, a verity of tricks, Penarth might have done ,sotiietli;ng. With respect to the third iine, Joues and (\lex¡nder deserve no euiogy this Jones—several times he allowed the bait to be swept, by him and exhibited no incnn- tttiou to drop on !t, while his coHaring wa<) very fHt.bh" Hey wood lPade a coupte of strong runs, but be w!<s not follow(.d up. As regards passing, the whuie uf the qu3.ttet.te were at fault, many of the pusses were sluug out in a most slo%letily tasnion and evulli on a iiuc day wou!d never ha\'e been taken. THE NEATH MATCH. To-morrow (Samrdny'), l'eii artli me(-t Neath on the Neath gruund. It is to be hoped a good team will ;,o i.t) Nuath are a dimcu!& iot to manage on ih?ir own ground, and as it t?kes a chnking good ,-p kam to make them come off second best, it is there- fore dimcutt to foreshadow apy result of their meeting wtth Penartb. Last. week yeath drew with Swansea. on fht' St. Heitina ticid, but, the week? previoas, were beaten ou their own ground by Pontypridd.

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