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-=-=" Penarth District Council. J The monthly meeting was held on Monday night. Present :-Messrs. W. L. Morris, J.P., (Chairman), L. Purnell, J. Y. Strawson, D. Morgan, T. S. Lloyd, R. Bevan, R. Guy, and J. Pavey. AN EXTRA IIVER. On account of Mr. George Morgan, beach inspector, having bad extra duty on Sundays this season, and in view of his term of office being increased till the end ot the present month, Mr. Bevan moved, and Mr. Lloyd seconded that he receive an additional £ 5 Carried. All the Councillors made eulogistic reference to the satisfactory manner in which Mr. Morgan bad carried out his onerous duties which have been doubled since the opening of the pier. Mr. Morgan moved, and Mr. Bevan seconded, that the Council accept the recommendation of the Public Works Committee relating to tenders and plans. A MATTER SARTORIAL. In discussing Mr. Stephen B. Read's claim for a new coat, the civic fathers indulged in considerable though pardonable levity. The Surveyor pointed out that the claimant for a new coat at the Council's expense could not tell which of three tree& it was. By the Chairman I have not seen the coat. Mr, Bevan, however, could vouch for the accuracy of Mr. Read's statement; the coat had been spoiled. and Mr. Read, having taken legal advice in the matter int nded to sue the Council if need be. Mr. Morgan, contemptuously: It wouldn't tear brown paper (laughter). J Mr. Purnell: I move we resist this claim. Mr Bevan Let us first ascertain from the clerk if we are liable, and not make ourselves a laughing stock. The Clerk: With reference to the barbed wire cases in Cardiff 1 believe the Corporation were sued in the Cardiff County Court, and the judge decided against them. We are liable. The Chairman We want to see tha coat. (Re- newed laughter). Eventually, on the proposition of Mr Bevan, se- conded by Mr Lloyd, the Surveyor was directed to see Mr Read and arrange wLh him the best terms he could- Mr Purnell: We are committing ourselves. I should prefer fighting. Mr Lloyd Mr Read deserves thanks rather than condemnation for bringing the matter forward. ABOLITITION OF AN OLD EYE SORE. The Surveyor submitted an exceptionally natty and clever plan for the erectiorof a new urinalin Ludlow Street, opposite Mr Emlyn Jones' Warehouse, to take the place of the old one in Ludlow Lane. This public convenience will be 20 feet long, 4 feet wide, 6 stalls, costing approximately X55. There will be 8 feet allowed for irtffi c, and as there is 9 feet 4! inches from the channel to the urinal there will thus be 1 foot 41 inches allowed for standing room imme- diately outside for people whilst vehicles are passing. Mr Lloyd moved and Mr Pivey seconded that the tenders be advertised for in the Penarth ptpers and Western Mail. Mr Bevan's amendment, 2nd by Mr Guy that it be inserted in the local newspapers only was carried. RATE SUMMONING. Mr Lloyd moved that the standing minute empow- ing thejchairmanto sign the list for summoning default- I I ing ratepayers be recinded. Mr Purnell wished to know the object thereof. Mr Morgan: Give the collector discretionary I power in the matter. II Mr Bevan observed this was the second time that power for the Collector had been sought and he should I most strenously oppose it. He would make it a sine qua non that either the Chairman or Clerk's sanction be first obtained. Mr Purnell: is there any difficulty in getting it signed. The Chairman: No; its a mere formality and I take Mr Llewellyn's word for its accuracy and there- fore do not attempt to verify it. Mr Bevan I should, were I ehaijman, inquire into tbe inerits and demerits before I sighed the iist. The Chairman: You would not be justified in refusuig we have no end of losses. Mr Lloyd: If arrears were summoned for at a certain time there would be no opposition. This is, however, not so. Some get quite into arrears with ampunitv and others are summoned It's veiy unwise on your part to sign what you've not enquired into. r j ewe Ivii has practically a free hand in the matcer. The Chairman: The half year was not signed till lasu weei and it's not customary to sign before the time's up. ° Mr Lloyd I amend my proposition by saying that It be sIgned by the chairman and vice-chairman or the Clerk. Mr Morgan: Mr Llewellyn ought t¡Ó have a free hand. I Mr Bevan addressing the Chairman A complaint was sent to you, and it did not torne before the Council. The Chairman Not to me. Mr Bevan Then I'm misinformed. Mr Lloyd I've also had a, complaint. The Clerk: The District rate must be sued for within 6 months at the Police Court or you have no power to subseqnently recover,-—only the district rate, the poor rate. Mr Morgan To test the "meeting I move the old resolution be not rescinded. Mr Purnell seconded. Messrs Bevan, Lloyd and Strawson voted for and three against it, the Chairman giving his casting vote in its favour. Mr Lloyd then gave notice of motion that the chairman, vicie-chairman or clerkSln the list on future occasions. BOATMEN'b PETITION. I — A well-signed petition was presented by the beach watermen asking the Council in view of the muddy state of the beach at low water, since the erection of the pier, that a landing stage be provided them, the cost of which they would attempt to defray by paying an additional license. Messrs Bevan, Pavey and Lloyd supported this, adding that Penarth was dis- gracefully behind hand in public conveniences, Mr Pavey, in particular, remarking that it did not redound to our credit to know that women and children had to be carried on the backs of the boat- men who had to wade in the water up to their waists. The Clerk We have no power in the matter and should have first to get a provisional order which is a very expensive proceeding. Chairman Suppoe Lord Windsor is approached on the subject. Mr Guy: Have we any power under the public seats, shelters, clause ? Clerk No. Finally it was decided that Messrs Lloyd, Bevan and Pavey be appointed a sub-committee wait upon his Lord-ship for the purpose of compromising. A "SUB." A letter was read from Barnes, Chaplin and Co. requesting that inasmuch as J1100 of work had been completed at Lower Penarth, they should receive a second advance of £500. The hairman: They were, to finish before being paid, according to the provision of the contract. Ml' TI ey're getting on fast; let's help em. Mr Pin nell I'm in sympathy with the contractors but -he Council must be consistent and fair to others. The Chairman It's very irregular. Mr Bevan moved and Mr Morgan seconded, that < £ 500 be advanced them. Only the mover and seconder were in favour of this, and five against it Lost. POPULARISING THE BATQS- A letter was read from Mr Taylor, the agent for Miss Beckwith, asking for the use of the public baths next Wednesday and Thursday week, for the purpose of giving an acquatic entertainment, and on the same terms as the previous year, viz 15 per cent. of the gross taking. They would, however, prefer givino .£4 as a lump sum, the same as they gave the Exeter public authority for a similar privilege- The Surveyor added that the Council's share the preceding year was X3 17s., whereupon it was df. cided to grant the application, Mr Pavey being the mover and Mr Guy the seconder. APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERS. Mr Alfred D. Adrian wrote in answer to I Council's applying to the Local Government Board for an order under Section 33 of the Local Govern- ment Act, 1894, to confer upon them the power of appointing and revoking the appointment of assistant overseers, that they bad received notice of unanimous resolutions (copies forwarded) from the vestries of the parishes of Penarth and Cogan, to the effect that the present system worked quite satisfactorily and efficiently. Mr Adrian furthermore desired the Council to advance valid reasons for the proposed revocation of power from the Vestries to the Council. Mr Bevan contended that there must be a benefit else the Act would not have provided for the change, aud he, therefore, would go in for the Act in its entirety in spite of the vestries'oppi sitioii, Mr Guy supported, saying one cogent reason was that the vestry did not thoroughly represent the distr ct but only a section. The reason why they had not upset the vestry in the past was due to their mag- nallimityand forbearance in keeping away. Suiely in view of assessments and reassessments the Council was the more representative body. The Clerk was therefore directed to assign the following reasons-(1) that if the Council had power to appoint the Overseers so ought they to have similar privileges with reference to assistant overseers; (2) that the Council was more representative than I the vesti-y and f3) that power in this respect had been granted Barry and o'her neighbouring districts, UNITED PARISHES. I County Councillor Jotha-m wrote a letter stating" that as it was contemplated to amalgamate the two i school boards, it would be advisaUe to amalgamate in every respect for parish purposes. The Chairman thought this very desirable, aq at present the general district rate was the same for the three parishes. As, however, the school amalgama- tion was in abeyance, it was decided on the motion of Mr Bevan seconded by Mr Pavey that the matter stand over till uext March. MISCELLANEOUS. Mr Pavey desired to know why the Cogan footway alteration was hanging fire. Clerk: I've done all I can, and didn't know but that tbay had fulfilled their contract. You can compel them. However, he would write to Mr Beasley, drawing his attention to the matter. It was decided to forward X5 to Mr rllorle of he Merry Harriers for having recently given the necess- ary information which led to the conviction of certain street Lump breakers. The steam road roller having of late been taken to pieces and examined by the Boiler Inspector, it wars resolved, Mr Gug moving and Mr Pavey second- ing, that the necessary repairs be carried out by the Cardiff who bad the contract for repairs of the Cardiff Corporation's rollers. The Clerk reported that the police had submitted a summons for the Council to sign, for the purpose of proceeding against a Cardiff hawker, who had recently caused an obstruction in Glwbe Street. The summons was granted. Mr Guy rem irking that the police were pretty smart with loc d trades- men, and he didn t see why Ctraiff ones shuuld go scot free. An application was read from the Post M-isfer. General, requesting the Council's consent to the laying of a telegraph line from Penarth to Barry. Titis was left to the Surveyor's discretion as to the erection of pore. A fresh license for explosives was granted Mr John Sidney Smith, of the Cogan Brick Works. Mr Williamson's wages were raised to £ 2 weekly. In so doing Mr Purnell observed the man was worth keeping. Mr Morgan also remarked that Williamson was a good man, not only in blacksmithing and shoe- ing but also in doctoring horses. Mr Guy also suppor the claim.

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