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Penarth Police Court.




DEVOTEES OF BACCHUS. Mary Sullivan, an old bacchante! was charged by P.C. Keevii with being drunk and causing an obstruction, and disturbing her neighbours. Fined 5/- inclusive. Barry Fra nrpton was fined a similar amount for "being drunk and. disorderly, Col. Guthrie remarking it was a pitiful thing to see a young man looking so impenitent. The antipodes of this bacchant was Mickael Duff, a mariner, who when charged with being drunk and disorderly, said it was his first offence, and he was very sorry, but it should not occur again. I hope it won't, observed the chairman, as he dismiss- ed the case, It Never, again replied the namesake of the angel who, in Christian art, is represented in the final judge- ment, with scales, in which he weighs the souls of the risea dead. Jctm Williams and Da.vid Daviep, coaltrimmers, for bavinL' imbibed not too wisely but too well, were molded 2/6, inclusive. Jss Thomas, seaman, was guilty, according to P.O. 165, with very drunk and disorderly and pugna- cious. When the constable came upon the scene of disorder in Eva.n Street, Barry Dock, on the 1st inst. Tbcruae, laLlcg advantage of the officers back being fctiru » 1 ;1st speaking to another, person, struck him a If)w in the face. Whilst being- conducted to the station he became still more abusive and hit the policeman in the abdomen- Finally extra assist- auce was requisitioned before he was safely incarcer- ated, The prisoner pleaded he didn't remember having thus. committed himself, but ihe Bench, finding a previous conviction recorded against him. imposed a fine of 2; 6 for being drunk, 5/- for the assault, plus oats oi 4 days' imprisonment. Richard Davitt a Barry navvy, listened very indiff- erently whilst P. C. 332 detailed how last Monday, at 7-30 p.m., the prisoner was creating a disturbance in the Witchell Hotel, Cadoxton, in consequence of bei-ng very drunk. When the witness arrived the landlord's son was trying to eject him. The constable asked the man to leave the premises but he refused to go, Upon being taken into custody he became very violent and abusive, and in a scuffle bit the officer's finger and tore his tunic. Other assistance arriving the obstreperous blackguard was conveyed in a truck to the police station. Asked by the Bench what the man did for a living witness said be lived with prosti- tutes, one of whom came to the station and demanded his release, using at the same time such bad French that they bad to lock her up. The prisoner having nothing to plead in extenuation was fined 2/6 for being drunk, 5/- for the assaults, and 1/- for damage to the tunic, plus costs or undergo 4 days hard labour. P. U. 79 then went into the box and charged Alice Moss for using most filthy language in Holton Road, Cadoxton on September tb. The officer proceeded to give a specimen of the unspeakably filthy language but the magistrates' clerk said one phrase was quite enough. rhe defendant, not out of her teens, appar- ently, replied that. she didn't remember anything of what was alleged against her. Questioned by the Colonel, the policeman said she was apprehended on a warrant yesterday, .and had been locked up all night; there was a previous conviction of drunk and disorderly. Fined 5/- inclusive, or to suffer 4 days' imprisonment.

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