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Penarth. School Board.


Penarth. School Board. AMALGAMATION WITH COGAN NOT ABANDONED BUT IN ABEYANCE. THE NEW PRECEPT. A fully attended meeting of this local educational, authority, under the presidency of Mr G. C. Thomp- son, was held on Thursday night. The Rector moved, and the vice-chairman seconded that Lord Windsor's offer re the site of the proposed new School be accepted that the Education Depart- me!)t be apprised of Lord vVindsor. unwillingness to sen outright, and that the Board solicit the Depart- ment's sanction to his Lordship's leasehold terms. The chairman dabbled in figures for awhile, and then in bated breath and whisp'ring humbleness," said that seeing the delay, expense and uncertainty in seeking compulsory powers, th it Lord Windsor's offer was not wholly unfavourable, and that they might go farther and fare worse, it would be politic to make no more bones over the affair, but bow to the behest of the owner of the broad acres." The resolution was carried ncm con. The Chairman next moved that it was desirable to amalgamate with the Cognn-juxta-Llandough Board, and in the event of the latter's acquiescing, the Edu- cation Department be immediately informed of the matter. Mr Llewellyn secondeC. „ The Rector moved as an amendment that the scheme be deferred lill after the election. This was seconded by Mr Snell, and proved a staggerer to the chaiiman, who said he was not pre- pared for such an expression of feeling, and felt very loth to proceed with the resolution- He did not wish to puh the ma tier, and preferred abandoning the project unless there were a perfect unanimity among them. Mr Sam Thom\s: Call a town's meeting and take -advi(e. The Chairman attempted to compromise by altering the latter part of his resolution and substituting that it should be subject to a confirming resolution of the Dew Board after the election. This did not sit easy on his colleagues, for the Ree tor said he never felt strong in favour of amalgamat- ing, and there was no doubt in his mind that more efficient administration would result from having small Boaids; besides, to keep as they were would be more economical for Penarth parish Eventually, it was resolved to let the matter stand over till aft. r the election, the clerk being- directed to iaforra the Cogan Board of their final decision. The Finance Committee's recommendations were adopted, one of the items showing that the treasurer had in hand £485 18s 6d. that accounts representing X229 9s lOd had been passed, and that 11275 was the amount of the precept proposed to be levied for the ensuing six months. A special resolution being BCBcled for the precept adoption, it was carried after being moved by Mr Thomas, and seconded by the Rector. The latter and the chairman signed it-not the resolution, but the precept. < With a morbid desire to clutch and cling to office as lone- as possible, the Board have vainly dreamt and imagined that by raising the amalgamation scheme they would thus be able to retain office till the next Co =n election. This chimera was rudely dispelled by the clerk's informing them that. the Department had refused to sanction the proposed postponement of the Penarth election, and tnat they must dissolve next jnonib, i i i With a desire to propitiale the pleoescite a sop was thrown the vulgus by a determination to give local tradesmen a chance. It would seem that for two years the School coal has been supplied by only one merchant. This palpa- ble injustice was justly resented by a certain rate- payer complaining to Mr Llewellen, On the motion of Mr Lloyd, seconded by the Rec- tor, it was resolved to advertise for coal tenders, and that the advertisement be inserted in the Penarth Chron:cle"only. A 4 Furthermore, the tenders were to be sent to the caretaker's hcuse, and Messrs Lloyd and Holman were deputed to select the contract. Eaviny set the ball a-iolling. the members seemed imbued with » lardVble love for further chances to local tradesmen, a- 1 it was moved by the chairman, and seconded by Mr Snell. that the stationery, books, etc., used in the schools, should also be tendered for *CCU even so far as to select which Penarth and which Caidiii" paper the advertisement should be inserted in, but Mr Holmans conservaism-old- fangled ar. d decrepit—was erinced, and he threw cold water on the concern by suggesting that they should leave well alone- as they were well served by the Cardiff Scholastic Trading Co. The Reitor clinched the nail by moving that it stand ovfT. Tht mothers of Arthur Penharwood, John, bam, and Robert Hooper, and Sam Mardon were admon- ished by the chairman in a fatherly, chastening style. for not sending their prodigies to school regularly. On receiving promises that the children should attend tetter during the current month, Mr Thomp- son magnanimously inforaied the terror-stricken women that they should not be further proceeded against. The sub-committee reported that the school turret, or at least the foundation, was very rotten, and that it should be at once repaired. It would seem that, contrary to what ought be done, no tender had been invited, and that Mr. Jones, who had estimated the cost of the job to be between £ 35 and X40 had com- menced the work, and actually erected the scaffolding. To consummate the turret blunder, on the motion of Mr. Thomas, seconded by Mr. Holman, Messrs. Snell and Llewellyn were deputed to see the work carried out forthwith, that it should be repaired in a substantial way, and that by special request of Mr Holman, the character of the school building should be in no wise destroyed-


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